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What is DX (Digital Transformation)? Explanation of definitions, skills, and examples!

In 2020, due to the effects of labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, the importance of digital business...

“Advertising x DX” Affinity between advertising and digital seen from the history

  Today, "advertisements" are all around us, and not a day goes by without seeing them. If you turn on the TV or radio, commercials of...


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What is a file system? Basic knowledge that can not be heard now and types for each OS

Files that store and organize documents and image data on a computer are one of the OS functions called "file system". The file system plays...


Fashionable gadgets for men who are worried about choosing gifts

If you are worried about choosing a gift for a man, lover / friend / father etc., why not send a fashionable and easy-to-use...

Have you decided on a present for Father’s Day? 3 devices you want to give to your dad

Father's Day 2019 is June 16th. Have you decided on a gift yet? + Style has a large selection of IoT goods that are perfect for...

Ring-type device / call recorder compatible with voice assistant etc. 3 selections of goods that work with smartphones

Ring type device "ORII" is now on sale! In addition to being able to activate the voice assistant of your smartphone, this is a Suguremono...

What can i do? Pick up robots for sale at + Style

Robots read emails aloud, learn English conversation, etc. It sounds like a story in the distant future, but in fact, domestic robots with these...

Nice to meet you everyone! by Shin

                It is "Shin" who is a curator of products with + Style. I would like to have a dialogue with you through this occasion!   For me,...


If you want to learn to program, all you need is a computer. However, it is quite difficult to acquire it with one's power....


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