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SaaS development with natural language processing AI!

Table of Contents About Stockmark Co., Ltd. Company overview Value History Services of Stockmark Co., Ltd. A news A strategy coveo|DX specialized media Characteristics...

[AI 2022] A start-up company born from the University of Tokyo AI laboratory!

Table of Contents  About ACES Co., Ltd. Company overview Value History ...



Meta is building an AI supercomputer with 16,000 GPUs – the fastest ever!

Will it improve a tarnished public image? A few days ago Meta announced AI Research SuperCluster (RSC). This is a new high-performance computer (HPC) aimed at...

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What you can do with natural language processing using Python – Introducing libraries, books, etc.!

With the gradual development of natural language processing, some people may want to use Python to do natural language processing. Languages ​​such as Python , Java , and...


7 Tips to improve results with inside sales | What to do when you are in trouble?

Inside Sales is now being implemented by many companies. However, there are those who say, "I don't know how to operate inside sales well and...

7 Benefits of inside sales!

What are the benefits of working on “inside sales,” which has been attracting attention in recent years? I think there are people who want to...

5 Steps of Inside sales in 2022!

Inside sales" are attracting more attention during the corona crisis, but how should we tackle them? Also, what methods and types of inside sales...

5 steps to start up inside sales|Introducing the method and main KPIs!

Inside sales refers to sales activities conducted non-face-to-face with prospective customers . In particular, it is attracting attention due to this corona wreck, and an increasing number...

Setting KPIs for inside sales|Introduction of analysis methods, average values, and examples of improvement

In inside sales, setting KPIs is important because it affects motivation and performance, so it is necessary to understand the correct setting method and...


22 recommended tablets Introducing popular Android tablets etc. A tablet allows you to enjoy the internet, e-books, games, etc. on a screen larger than...





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