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AI ! β version of markerless motion analysis app “SPLYZA Motion” using AI !


SPLYZA Co., Ltd., the beta version of “SPLYZA Motion”, which allows markerless motion analysis using AI.

In modern elementary and junior high schools, more than 96% are in an era where each person has one terminal.

In the field of education, where ICT is progressing, there are many applications and content for the five main subjects, but there is almost no content for the secondary subjects, including physical education.

Among them, there was also a request from Nanisho High School of Osaka University of Physical Education, which had previously introduced SPLYZA’s existing tool “SPLYZA Teams” for sports courses, “I want an app that can be easily used in physical education classes.” We worked together to develop this app.

AI With “SPLYZA Motion”

With “SPLYZA Motion”, anyone can easily get involved in sports science because AI can perform markerless motion analysis by shooting with an iPhone or iPad.

Within the app, you can easily measure the angle/angular velocity, speed/acceleration, distance from a specific position, etc. of each part of the body, and it can be used offline, so it can be used during actual competitions and practice.

It can also detect baseball bats, tennis rackets, and golf clubs, so it can be used in a wider range of fields.

In physical education, it is now possible to measure not only motor skills, but also observational and verbal abilities.

And at the time of this release, we plan to implement new functions such as 3D motion capture, two-screen comparison, and the addition of recognition stores.



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