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[2021] Basics of smart homes, smart houses, and IoT that you should know now

Smart appliances that make our lives comfortable and convenient. Currently, various products such as lighting, speakers, TVs, and refrigerators are on sale, and it is said that 2020 will be the first year of smart homes. However, there are many people who do not know exactly what a smart home is. So, this time, we will introduce recommended smart home appliances while telling you what a smart home is, how it differs from smart houses and iot houses, and points for promoting smart homes in the future. ..

What is the difference between smart homes, smart houses, and iot houses?

From around 2017, Amazon, Google, etc. will release smart speakers in Japan as well. Many of you may know what smart home appliances are like because they were nominated as AI speakers for the New Words and Popular Words Awards that year.

I think that it is easy to imagine smart home appliances because each is an independent device, but when it comes to smart homes, the vague image becomes stronger as the whole house is made more convenient by smart home appliances. In addition, there are words such as smart house and ioT house, so it’s hard to imagine.

Smart homes, smart houses, IoT homes. All are the same in that they make our lives more convenient and comfortable than ever, but each has a slightly different approach. Specifically, it is as follows.

  • Smart home

The Smart Home Subcommittee of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) defines it as a new lifestyle that realizes services that meet the lifestyles and needs of the child-rearing generation, the elderly, and singles through iot. Specifically, it refers to a house where smart home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, and lighting can be collectively managed with apps and smart speakers.

  • Smart house

A smart home is basically not the house itself, but a convenient life by managing individual smart home appliances or existing home appliances collectively. On the other hand, smart houses collectively manage meters for home appliances, gas, water, electricity, etc. with a system (Home Energy Management System). Although it is no different from a smart home in terms of managing home appliances, a smart house is a home that emphasizes energy saving and savings rather than convenience and comfort.

  • iot housing

The iot house, also known as an AI house, uses AI to learn the tastes and lifestyle patterns of the people living there, adjust the set temperature of the air conditioner, and turn the lights on and off at a certain time to create a comfortable environment. It is a house to be built. It is also effective for crime prevention and danger detection measures, such as a security camera that detects suspicious persons with AI and a system that detects abnormalities such as gas leaks and rain leaks.

Challenges for popularizing smart homes

As we saw in the previous section, smart homes, smart houses, and iot homes are similar but have different purposes and uses. The major difference between them is that smart houses and ioT houses manage the houses themselves with AI and systems. In that sense, smart homes are a system that manages smart home appliances and existing home appliances with apps and smart speakers, so it can be said that the threshold for introduction is lower than that of smart houses and ioT houses. So how can we make smart homes more than ever?

  • I have to buy a new smart home appliance

Basically, home appliances that can be managed by apps and smart speakers must be able to connect to the Internet. Therefore, the fact that existing home appliances must be replaced with smart home appliances is a major issue in their widespread use.

  • I don’t know how convenient my life will be

When smart speakers were released in Japan, there were many people who did not know how convenient it would be to be able to operate them by voice. Such voices can still be heard. One of the issues that hinder widespread use is that the benefits of being able to operate and manage with voice and apps are not fully understood.

  • I am worried that it may be difficult to operate smart home appliances.

Isn’t it different from conventional home appliances in terms of usability? Even if it can be operated with an application or voice, the setting and operation method may be complicated and difficult, and the vague anxiety about the use of smart home appliances has not been completely resolved, which is also an issue of widespread use. increase.

Benefits of realizing a smart home by eliminating anxiety about smart homes

In order to make smart homes more popular, it is essential to solving the issues listed in the previous section. Actually, the problem is also caused by lack of understanding, so it will spread by firmly appealing to the merits of making smart homes and promoting understanding.

  • How to solve the problem of having to purchase new smart appliances

Home appliances that cannot connect to the Internet cannot be used as smart home appliances. This is certainly not a mistake, but it is possible to turn it into a smart home appliance without purchasing a new smart home appliance! What this means is that you can use smart remote controls and smart plugs that can be purchased for thousands of yen. By using a smart remote controller or smart plug, you can realize a smart home without purchasing new smart home appliances.

  • Benefits of becoming a smart home

For example, it is quite difficult to operate home appliances when you are doing household chores or holding a small child. If voice operation is possible with smart home appliances, there is no need to go near the home appliances you want to operate, and you can save the trouble of operating the remote control.

With a smart home, it will be possible to operate home appliances from outside, as it will also be possible to operate with a smartphone app. You will also be able to prevent forgetting to turn off the lights and TV and switch on the air conditioner before returning home.

  • Various home appliances can be operated with one app

Basically, smart home appliances are not difficult to operate or complicated to set up compared to existing home appliances. As long as you can connect to Wi-Fi, you can use it as if you were using the attached remote control.

First of all, recommended smart home appliances that you want to have

After understanding the merits of making a smart home, here are two recommended smart home appliances that you should have first.

  • [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart Multi Remote Control ¥ 4,980 (tax included)

It is a remote control that can be managed collectively with an application by turning all existing home appliances operated by the remote control into smart home appliances. More than 500 types of remote control data such as air conditioners, TVs, and lights are registered, and manual settings are also possible, so any home appliance with remote control can be operated.

  • [+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart Wi-Fi plug ¥ 2,680 (tax included)

Many home appliances do not come with remote control. Smart Wi-Fi plugs turn such home appliances into smart home appliances. Just install it between the outlet and the plug to enable operation with the app.

Why don’t you start now with a smart home that will become even more convenient in the future?

In December 2019, we announced the launch of a working group “Connected Home over IP” launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. to develop new connection standards that enhance compatibility with smart home products. Once this new standard is in place, we will be able to buy smart appliances without having to think about which smart speakers they support.

In addition, there may be an image that smart home appliances are expensive, but as I introduced this time, the number of low-priced home appliances is increasing, and the price difference from ordinary home appliances is disappearing.

Smart homes are easier to introduce than smart homes and iot homes. It is expected that the introduction will proceed further due to standardization and price reduction. Why not consider introducing a smart home that will make your life smarter and more comfortable?

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