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[2023] Future Architect Launches Edge AI Solutions!



Future Architect Co., Ltd., the main operating company of Future Co., Ltd., utilizes AI, IoT, and AR to display information such as expiration dates, model numbers, and manufacturing numbers in addition to handwritten Japanese and barcodes from small terminals such as smartphones. From October 2022, we will start providing an edge AI solution that instantly reads product information.

“EdgeAI-OCR” and “AI inspection solution” are now provided by us. By installing a trained AI model on the terminal, AI analyzes the data captured by the terminal’s built-in camera.

“EdgeAI-OCR” is a solution that enables instant data conversion on the spot simply by taking a picture of a document or slip with a mobile device such as a smartphone or handy terminal. Scanning documents and slips saves the trouble of data entry, realizing labor saving and speeding up operations.

In addition, if you take a picture of the entire paper, Future Architect’s unique edge AI technology can read various fonts such as kanji, hiragana, kana, alphanumeric characters, as well as handwritten Japanese with high accuracy.

In addition to the usual barcode inspection, the “AI Inspection Solution” can collectively read product information such as the expiration date, which was previously difficult.

The “fixed type” (*1), which uses a fixed smartphone, automatically detects objects on pallets at specified positions and reads the number of items stacked, so it is linked with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) that manages the arrival schedule.

Inspection work can be automated. “Handy type” automatically detects arbitrary character strings such as model numbers and serial numbers, in addition to the same bar code recognition performance as handy terminals.

By using “fixed” and “handy” properly, it can be used in various scenes, and efficiency can be improved not only for a series of warehousing operations such as receiving and shipping in logistics and inventory management, but also for on-site operations such as retail and distribution.

(*1) “Fixed type” service is scheduled to be provided in January 2023.



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