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3 IoT Goods Useful for Reading

Arrival in September. The number of days I can spend cool is increasing, and the signs of autumn are gradually beginning to appear. “Autumn of appetite” where you can fully enjoy seasonal ingredients, “Autumn of sports” where you sweat actively, and “Autumn of art” where you are absorbed in production activities are also good. This year, some people would like to read novels and business books all at once, making it an “autumn for reading.” So, this time, I picked up three IoT goods that help you to read comfortably.

▼ The back of iphone 7 turns into a second screen ♪

The “Ink Case i7” introduced at the beginning is a protective case that turns the back of the main unit into a “second screen” just by attaching it to the iPhone 7. It uses a power-saving and eye-friendly E-Ink (electronic paper) display, and you can check e-books and articles all at once without starting up your iPhone.

The e-Reader function that you are interested in supports both the ePub & orthodox txt (text) format, which is the standard for e-book files supported by companies such as Sony and Apple. You can read many e-books. It also has the advantage of having a large 4.3-inch screen and keeping it in an easy-to-use pocket size. You will enjoy your daily reading without the stress of carrying it around.

In addition, the special anti-glare screen absorbs and reduces reflections of sunlight. You can enjoy reading slowly under the autumn sky. The place where you can display the time, weather, calendar schedule, etc. is also a point you can not miss ♪

▼ Project ebooks on ceilings and walls !?

If you read for a long time, you will inevitably get tired of your neck and shoulders. Some of you may have thought, “I want to read a book in a more comfortable posture …!”. If you use “Beam”, which is on sale at shopping, well, you will be able to fulfill such a wish perfectly.

This is an LED light type smart projector that can project the screen of a smartphone or tablet via AirPlay or Miracast. Download the book you’re looking for from an ebook store such as your Kindle or Kobo and easily project it onto your wall or ceiling. You can even read a book projected onto the wall while relaxing on the sofa or bed.

The “Beam” is lightweight at 400g and can be used simply by inserting it into a light bulb socket. Equipped with 12 LED ring lights, it is also useful when reading paper books ♪

▼ Change the color of the lighting according to the work ♪

For those who like paper books, we recommend “COLOR UP”. This is a magical interior light that can instantly reproduce about 16.77 million colors by detecting the color with the sensor at the bottom of the main unit.

The point is that you can use different colors depending on the situation, such as “cold” light when you want to concentrate on reading, and “warm” light when you want to enjoy reading before bedtime while relaxing. For example, if you choose light according to the theme of your work, such as scanning blue when reading a novel set in the sea, it will make you feel more excited.

3 must-see IoT goods for readers. Did you find anything you were interested in? In addition to feature and design details, you can also check videos for each product. Please check it out



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