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3 smart toys to enjoy programming like a game

With the start of compulsory programming in 2020, programming education is gaining increasing interest. There may be some parents who want their children to learn to program at home as well.

Therefore, this time, we will pick up IoT goods that you can learn programming while playing. Introducing three products: educational toys that allow you to learn the basics of programming from the age of three, devices that change the colors around you into music, and bipedal walking robots that can be assembled and programmed.

Can you reach the goal?

The first thing I would like to introduce is the educational toy “Primotoys Cuvette” that you can play with from the age of three. Includes wooden robot “cuvette” / map / wooden control panel & block to instruct movement.

Let me introduce the basic usage. After placing the “cuvette” on the map with the illustrations of castles/mountains / ships, etc., decide the goal location. After deciding the destination, go straight / turn left / turn right etc. Arrange the blocks that indicate the direction of travel on the control panel and create a program to move the “cuvette”. Finally, press the “GO” button on the panel and the “cuvette” will start moving.

By thinking, “How can I get to my destination?” And “What was wrong?”, You can sensuously learn the thinking that is the basis of programming. The limited set for sale at + Style also includes blocks that instruct more complex movements, such as “instructing the opposite movement to the previous instruction block” and “randomly moving”. It is also attractive that you can enjoy changing the difficulty level as your child grows up. lor

” turns into music !?

The surrounding “color” turns into music !?

The next product we will introduce is “Specdrums,” which recognizes the colors of various objects and turns them into music. A set of 2 ring-shaped devices that can be worn on your fingertips and a “play pad” that is used for programming.

When you execute programming that assigns sounds to colors using the play pad & dedicated smartphone app … Fruits/vegetables/tableware etc. You can play various sounds just by tapping the colored things around you. You can enjoy playing music without having to prepare special equipment.

The created music can be saved in m4a format. You can share it with others using tools such as iMessage / iCloud / Facebook. You can also share and enjoy the original music created by your child with the whole family.

Let’s move the robot and play ♪

Finally, “Marty the Robot” is a robot kit that allows you to assemble and program your movements on your own. This product can be played by setting various movements such as walking/dancing / kicking the ball for the biped robot “Marty”. Operation programming is OK just by arranging blocks with operation instructions written on the screen of the personal computer. Even children who have no programming experience or are beginners can easily move “Marty”.

No special tools or soldering is required to assemble the “Marty”. You can enjoy making robots safely. In addition, + Style is also handling the assembled “Marty”. If you’re not confident in assembling or want to enjoy programming right away, check this out as well.

Did you find any items you were interested in? The details page of each product introduces the specifications and functions in detail, so please have a look ♪



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