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5 cutting-edge home appliances that can be linked with smart speakers

“Smart speakers” that are sold in various models, including “Google Home” and “Amazon Echo”. The function of telling you the weather of the day and playing music when you talk to them is familiar to TV commercials, isn’t it? But do you know what other uses it can be?

In fact, a major feature of smart speakers is that they can be linked with “smart home appliances” that can connect to the Internet. By doing this, you can operate your home appliances by voice just by saying “OK, turn on Google lights”, “Alexa, change the TV channel” and so on. So-called “smart homes” can be realized.

Then, what kind of products are there in smart home appliances that work in cooperation with smart speakers? This time, I would like to introduce some of the products sold in + Style.

▼ Robot vacuum cleaner is also operated by voice

The “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300” that supports suction and wiping with water is a product that can instruct the start / stop of cleaning by voice in cooperation with a smart speaker. It’s a nice point to be able to go to the place of the vacuum cleaner and start it without pressing the button on the main unit. Even when you can’t take your hands off for childcare or housework, you can start cleaning with just a quick voice.

Not only voice operation but also operation from the smartphone app is supported. If you set the schedule of the day and time to clean in the app, it will clean the room at a fixed time. If you leave it to the cleaning while you’re out to work, you’ll be able to suck in the dust and hair from the flooring, and by the time you get home, your room should be shiny. Since it is equipped with an advanced laser sensor, it is also a great feature that it can accurately map the shape of the room. Not only can you efficiently clean every corner of the room, but you can also specify where you want to clean / where you don’t want to clean from the app.

The “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300”, which has a full range of functions to shorten the time required for housework, is on sale at a list price of 29,800 yen (tax included), and the entry model “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300” is on sale at a list price of 19,800 yen (tax included). The entry model also supports voice operation perfectly, so please check it as well.

Relaxing time before good night. For some, it’s fun every night to reset your tired mind and body with an aroma diffuser. However, once you lie down on the sofa or bed, it’s a hassle to stand up. Even the simple act of “getting out of bed and pressing the switch on the aroma diffuser” can be a hassle.

“+ Style Smart Aroma Mist Pod” is convenient in such a case. Also, if you link it with a smart speaker, you can turn it on and off by just saying “Turn on the aroma mist”. If you set the timer from the app, you can sleep with peace of mind even if it is running. Since the operation is automatically stopped when the water in the pot is low, there is no need to worry if you fall asleep without setting the timer.

The main body is equipped with an LED light. You can change the color from the app to 16.77 million colors, and it can also be used as a little indirect lighting.

▼ Upgrade your home appliances

Is there anyone who thinks that in order to realize their dream smart home, they have to buy new home appliances all over the house? There is no need for it. If you use the “Smart Multi Remote Control”, which has a low price of 6,480 yen (tax included) and an excellent design, you can remotely control your home appliances with a smartphone app or voice.

This is a so-called “home appliance remote control”, and it is a Suguremono that can collectively control home appliances operated by infrared remote control such as TV / air conditioner / lighting. It is a mechanism that learns the infrared signal of the remote control that you usually use and controls home appliances instead of the remote control, and if you also cooperate with a smart speaker, you can operate voice.

For example, if you link the ceiling light in the living room with the “smart multi-remote control” and smart speakers … You can now turn on the lights in your room just by saying “OK, turn on Google lights”. In the case of a TV, you can turn the power on / off, change channels, and raise / lower the volume. If you use the smartphone app, you can remotely control home appliances from outside, so you can use it such as “turn on the air conditioner before returning home.”

The function that allows you to operate multiple home appliances at once is also convenient. Before going to bed, you may turn off the TV, air conditioner, and lighting in that order. It depends on the settings, but you can turn off all these routines by just saying “Good night”. Once you set this up, you’ll be amazed at how convenient it is. This is a usage method that you should definitely try.

However, only home appliances that use infrared remote controls can be linked with “Smart Multi Remote Control”. In that case, home appliances such as humidifiers, interior lights, and circulators that can be operated only with the buttons on the main unit cannot be operated by voice or smartphone.

In such a case, please use the “smart Wi-Fi plug” as a set. By inserting this product between a home appliance and an outlet, home appliances operated by analog switches can be made smarter. The mechanism is very simple. When the power of the “smart Wi-Fi plug” is turned on / off remotely, the power of the home appliances is also switched, that is, the outlet of the home appliances is automatically plugged in and unplugged.

If you want to realize a more perfect smart home, please check the details of these two products as well.

▼ Also useful for crime prevention

When you want to remotely control a lighting fixture that does not use an infrared remote controller. One option is to use a light bulb that does not require a hub and can be connected to Wi-Fi.

The “Smart LED Light Bulb (Dimming / Toning) E26” sold at + Style is a product that enables voice operation of the light bulb by linking with a smart speaker. You can switch the power on / off, dimming, and toning by simply saying “Turn on the lights”, “Reduce the brightness of the lights”, and “Make the lights light bulb color”. If you use the smartphone app, you can also set the timer and operate it remotely. If you don’t want to go back to a dark room, you can turn on the lights on your way home, and even turn on the lights while you’re away to pretend to be at home.

A 17-inch “smart LED bulb (dimming / coloring)” with a base size is also available, so please choose according to the bulb size of your lighting fixture.

Lastly, I would like to introduce “Qrio Lock Smart Key Security”. It is a smart lock that makes the key of the front door smart and can be unlocked with a smartphone.

The “hands-free unlocking” function is very convenient. Simply keep your smartphone in your bag or pocket and approach the door to unlock it automatically. When both hands are occupied on the way home from shopping, it is quite troublesome to take out the key. Even in such a case, you can quickly put it in your house. Since it has an auto-lock function, the key will close automatically.

It is also compatible with “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Assistant”, and if you use the device “Qrio Hub (sold separately)” for remote control of the product, you can unlock it just by talking to it in cooperation with a smart speaker. It will be possible.

Corresponding door types vary. Installation is as easy as sticking with double-sided tape, and there is no need for key exchange or drilling. You can feel free to use it even in rental housing. The price is 23,019 yen (tax included).

We have introduced a collection of products that can be used in conjunction with smart speakers. Did you find a product you were interested in? In the case of + Style original products, there are various attractions other than voice operation, such as being able to use each device in cooperation. If you want to make your life more convenient, please check the product details page.



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