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5 promotion examples using Instagram’s video feature

The image-sharing SNS Instagram shows no signs of slowing down even after being acquired by Facebook in 2012, and new features are being added one after another.
One of them is video posting.
In addition to being able to post videos of up to 15 seconds, it is also equipped with an image stabilization function that reduces screen shake.

This time , we will introduce the characteristics of Instagram videos and examples of companies using video posting to promote their companies.

Features of Instagram videos

1. Video recording time

You can record videos of up to 15 seconds. It is also possible to combine multiple cuts into one video as long as it is within 15 seconds.
For example, when you want to use it for a company’s recruitment activities, it is possible to record and distribute a message from a person, such as the president or a human resources representative, that job hunters would want to know at least one word at a time. However, you cannot edit
existing videos on Instagram .

2. Filter function

Just like with photos, you can use filters with videos. Although it is less than the image, there are still 13 types available.
After shooting a video, select the filter of your choice and the entire video will be filtered.
There is no reason not to use the filter function, which allows you to change the video you shoot into a special look and express your world view.

3.Cover frame selection

You can select one frame displayed on the timeline before playback to record a video.
The key is to choose a frame from the video you shot that you will want to play when it appears on the timeline.

Examples of how to use video posting

Here are some examples of actual use of video posting.
All of these companies are gaining popularity with their high-quality videos, so please take a look at them.



Videos of events such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, attractions, shows, etc. are posted.
High-quality event videos that make the most of 15 seconds are posted.

Disney parks are famous for their excellent service content and well-thought-out building designs, and they are characterized by many posts that highlight these features to the fullest.


kate spade.png

Kate Spade is one of the most active brands among high-end brands in its use of SNS. On Instagram
, many videos such as short movies are posted. A pop and casual image is brought to the fore, in line with the product image, which is characterized by colorful color schemes and elaborate details.

3.Christian Louboutin

This is the Instagram of luxury shoe manufacturer Christian Louboutin .
Many artistic videos expressing the brand’s worldview are posted.
Another distinctive feature is that the product’s characteristic red sole always appears in the video.



This is the Instagram of the sports brand Adidas .
A video has been posted that shows the product’s sophisticated design and high functionality.
Many of the videos look like promotional videos for club music, and they are characterized by a worldview that draws people in regardless of gender.

When custom shoes made using one’s favorite photos were sold, an excellent video was posted that conveyed the idea of ​​the custom shoes even without an explanatory text.

5.Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren.png

Many videos have been posted that express product images that have a luxurious feel and are characterized by detailed details.
Another feature is that videos tailored to the target of each product are posted.

In addition, there are videos that not only focus on products but also express and appeal to the world through lifestyle videos.
As part of last year’s fall collection, videos were posted showing how to set up a tent in the outdoors and how to cook food, which helped raise awareness of the brand’s new appeal of being durable and easy to wear.


As mentioned at the beginning , the maximum video playback time on Instagram is 15 seconds.
This is the same length as a typical Japanese TV commercial, and is a length that can be easily used as a promotional tool especially for Japanese people.
By posting high-quality videos that take advantage of the features of the provided functions, you can become a hot topic and lead to acquiring not only existing fans but also new fans.

Of course it is important to appeal with words, but images and videos can attract even more people. Why not take advantage of the features of Instagram
and try new promotions?



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