7 store management systems that can improve operational efficiency at stores and headquarters


Thorough day-to-day store management is essential to achieving sales targets for each store, area, and the entire group. Sales management, inventory management, purchasing management, human resources management, customer service management, and implementing measures (marketing activities, etc.) to achieve sales targets while efficiently performing these management tasks. is very difficult.

In addition, even though sales management is simply a matter of recording daily sales information, it is also necessary to use sales analysis to predict sales at the end of the month or the end of the period, and to check progress against sales targets. yeah. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce a store management system that aids in the daily operations of store management, and that also activates communication and information exchange between stores and headquarters.

Even if the store management system is the same, each product has different characteristics, so we hope you will use this information as a basis for your decision when considering system implementation.

7 store management systems that can improve operational efficiency at stores and headquarters

table of contents

  1. 7 store management systems
  2. Shopran 
  3. Gulf CSM
  4. RegiGrow
  5. Temp Visor
  6. Leave it to me Net EX
  7. Amazing arm POS
  8. aladdin office for fashion
  9. How to choose a store management system


7 store management systems


“Shop Ran” provided by Dream Arts has been introduced in 37,000 stores nationwide, mainly supermarkets, apparel stores, and food and beverage stores. In 2019, we received the “Retail Award” from Microsoft Japan Partner of Year. Shop Ran’s unique feature is that it focuses on solving problems caused by communication between headquarters and stores, which has become complicated as companies open multiple stores.

It contributes to “creating attractive stores” with a wealth of functions specialized for communication between headquarters and stores, such as notifications, store to-dos, surveys, read/implementation rates, workflows, and sharing of good practices. Another feature of our company is that we are committed to achieving a “100% implementation rate,” “20% increase in customer service time,” and “four times faster improvement cycles” by improving communication and increasing operational efficiency.

Gulf CSM

Gulf CS M ( Chain Store Management) is a store management system for multi-store (chain) management that has been introduced in over 30,000 stores nationwide. It is characterized by its emphasis on real-time information sharing and on-site fraud prevention.

Issues facing companies with churn operations include fraudulent activities such as stealing products, fraudulent sales proceeds, and increased work hours. Additionally, there is the problem that complaints received at a store are difficult to reach the headquarters, as they affect the store’s evaluation. Therefore, Gulf CSM provides basic functions essential for store management such as sales management, product/inventory management, attendance/shift management, etc. as an all-in-one package, and visualizes various management figures in real time.


This is a store management system provided as an entry model for retail POS systems that pursue ease of use and installation. It is equipped with real-time sales management as standard, and is also flexible, such as the ability to create report layouts tailored to each store.

In addition, it also features functions related to store sales promotion, such as digital signage coordination, credit card payment, OR code/barcode payment multi-payment. Although it is an entry model and does not have analytical functions, it is an easy product to consider for companies implementing a store management system for the first time. RegiGrow offers TRUE TWINSHOP as a top product, which also enables sales analysis with an advanced store management system.

Temp Visor

Since it is a cloud-based store management system, there is no need to set up any infrastructure (server or network) when implementing it, and you can expect cost optimization as you only pay for what you use. The fee is 5,000 yen per store (initial setup fee is 15,000 yen per store), and it has been installed at 5,600 stores nationwide.

A free app is available for mobile devices running Android and iOS, so you can easily check sales totals even when you’re on the go. Additionally, the app can display graphs by day of the week and hour, which can be used for simple sales analysis.

Leave it to me Net EX

Online EX is backed by a store management system that provides call center support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Being able to use the service with peace of mind even if problems occur, such as not knowing the settings or a failure occurring, reduces the psychological burden on administrators. It has been particularly widely used in the food and beverage industry, and it also supports shift requests from mobile devices, making it effective for shift management for part-time workers. In addition, options such as vein authentication and FeliCa stamping are also available, which are useful for stores that want to strengthen their prevention of fraudulent stamping.

Amazing arm POS

It consists of four series: Sugo Arm Web POS, Sugo Arm Web Product Management, Sugo Arm Web Customer Management, and Sugo Arm Web Attendance Management, and by linking these, you can perform thorough store management. Additionally, it is unique in that it supports retail stores specializing in apparel, sporting goods, and shoes.

Since it is cloud-based, you can expect cost optimization, but if you have a series, it will cost you a certain amount, so be sure to carefully calculate the total cost including options when introducing it.

aladdin office for fashion

A multi-device compatible, cloud-based POS system for the apparel and fashion industry. In addition to sales management, we also support inventory management, flexible customization, tax-free sales, and even unified customer management with e-commerce.

Although it is cloud-based, it is possible to operate using a local database even if the internet line goes down or a failure occurs, so there are measures against failures.

How to choose a store management system

Finally, we will briefly introduce key points for choosing the most suitable product for each company from among the many store management systems available.

  1. After sorting out the issues in store management, pick out the issues that need to be resolved on a priority basis.
  2. Visualize the entire business flow by clarifying the business processes required for each store and the connection with the headquarters
  3. Think about “what should be prioritized” in a store management system (communication function, analysis function, etc.)
  4. Consider policies for using cloud services and set appropriate policies.
  5. Calculate the total cost, including initial cost, monthly fee, and option fee, and then conduct a comparative study.
  6. Actively use products that offer trials or demos, and check the actual usability before introducing them.
  7. Participate in introductory seminars held by product vendors and gather real-world information that cannot be obtained from the internet or catalogs.

We hope that you will be able to implement the store management system that is most suitable for you by keeping the above points in mind.


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