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A futuristic padlock that can be unlocked with fingerprint authentication! Tapplock one + smart lock

A padlock that is very popular because it can be locked simply and with high rigidity. However, since it is necessary to constantly manage the locked part that is the main body and the key required for opening and closing, there is a fatal inconvenience that if you lose the key, you will not be able to open and close it. I did.

However, with the introduction of the futuristic padlock Tapplock one + smart lock, you will be freed from the hassle of managing small keys. Let’s take a closer look at how it is used.

▼ Fingerprint authentication, Bluetooth connection, unlocking with Morse code, etc. are possible

Tapplock one + Smart Lock is a product of Tapplock, a startup founded in Toronto, Canada in 2016.

The predecessor model, Tapplock one, raised more than 36 million yen in 2016 on the major crowdfunding site “ Indiegogo”, won the “ CES 2018 Innovation Award”, and succeeded Tapplock one + ( Tapplock One Plus) Smart lock was born.

Tapplock one + Smart Lock realizes an epoch-making “keyless” system in the following three ways.

·Fingerprint authentication

It is equipped with a system that unlocks by fingerprint authentication instead of using a key to open the padlock. Moreover, since up to 500 members can be registered that can be unlocked by fingerprint authentication, it can be expected to be used in various places such as locking private residences and large warehouses of companies. increase.

・ Smartphone Bluetooth connection

Instead of a key, you can also unlock your smartphone by connecting it to the Tapplock one + smart lock via Bluetooth. Since a smartphone can be used as a key, it is convenient because it eliminates the hassle of managing small keys.

・ Morse code

It can also be unlocked by pressing the button on the bottom of the main unit a specified number of times and for a specified number of times, such as Morse code.

In addition to these unlocking methods, it is possible to grant unlocking authority to multiple people and check the unlocking history with a dedicated application. It can be said that it truly embodies the key of the near future.


▼ Smart lock with tough specifications that has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, and durability, and has a long battery life.

Tapplock one + smart lock has a structure with excellent water resistance, weather resistance, and durability.

Specifically, it has IP67-level water and dust resistance. IP67 refers to a level at which dust does not enter the interior without being adversely affected even when immersed in the specified pressure and time, which can be said to be a fairly high water and dust resistance function.

It can also operate at temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to 90 degrees, which is overwhelmingly weather resistant. It is designed to withstand use in all areas except extremely cold areas.

The body is made of tough Zamak 3 (zinc alloy) and the latch is made of 7mm stainless steel, which has high rigidity. Therefore, it is possible to counter the accidental sabotage.

The battery can be unlocked 3,500 times with just 2 hours of USB charging, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge for up to a year.


▼ Wide range of usage scenes from private to commercial

Tapplock one + Smart lock can be used in a wide range of situations depending on your ideas, from private to commercial.

For example, if you are private, you can use it to lock your house, warehouse, gate, etc., and register your family’s fingerprint. If you have a visitor, you can also grant authority with a dedicated application, so it will be effective for locking and unlocking private lodgings.

In addition, the Tapplock one + smart lock has a compact shape, so it can also be used to lock a bicycle. It is convenient because you can share the unlocking method if there are multiple people who use the bicycle without the need to manage small keys.

In addition, since it is possible to manage as many as 500 people by fingerprint authentication, it can also be used as a key for places where many people come and go, such as company warehouses, and the history can be checked, so it can be used with confidence in terms of security. can.


▼ Tapplock one + A futuristic locking / unlocking experience with smart lock

Did you convey the charm of the futuristic padlock? You may be surprised at the higher performance than you think. It is a product that surpasses existing padlocks in all aspects such as usability, rigidity, and security.

If you are suffering from the hassle of managing keys, or if you have a place where you need to share your keys in large numbers, please consider using it. There is no doubt that the futuristic locking and unlocking experience will be a must-have once introduced. If you are interested, please see the product details below and purchase.




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