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[2022 releases] Media Analyzer 4G! A new programmatic advertising support system !

Adways Inc. has released “Media Analyzer 4G”, which specializes in optimizing Google ads in the “AMP (Amplify Marketing Program)” series of digital advertising maximization solutions.

Media Analyzer 4G

Media Analyzer 4G

“Media Analyzer 4G”, which was released as the first release in the “AMP Media Analyzer” series, has already been in test operation since 2019 and has achieved high results. It was difficult to deploy.

Therefore, by forming a “highly mechanized” mechanized team, we solved that problem and led to this release.

“AMP Media Analyzer” is an ad optimization system using AMP core developed by Adways over 10 years.

By elucidating the media algorithm and performing behavioral causal visioning using all Adways data, we can prevent unexpected deterioration in advertising effectiveness and behavior that differs from the intention of operation operations, and AI will identify optimization points that can improve advertising. will be able to detect and improve advertising effectiveness.

In addition, we have eliminated the “reliance on the person in charge” from the advertising operation work, and anyone can operate advertisements at a high level, regardless of the genre of the project.

In addition, as a feature of “Media Analyzer 4G”, it is equipped with a unique function “Graphic Equalizing System” that makes it possible to operate Google advertisements in an ideal state.

AI monitors hourly ad transitions in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and adjusts ads to the ideal state, improving CPA (*1) and increasing ad delivery volume while maintaining CPA.

In preliminary tests of “Media Analyzer 4G” and “Graphic Equalizing System”, the number of CVs (*2) increased by 23.2% on average, and CPA improved by 22.6% on average.


*1 CPA (Cost Per Action)

Earning unit price. The cost per person to acquire customers and results.

*2 Number of CVs (number of conversions)

The number of actions that are considered to be results for the advertiser, such as product purchases, document requests, and inquiries, by users who clicked on the ad and visited the website.



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