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Illsil! A product version of the web tool “Illsil”[2022] !


On September 28, 2022, Rubis Co., Ltd. released the product version of the AI ​​service “Illsil” that proposes slide designs for input text. Since the beta version of Illsil, a free plan has been added and functions have been upgraded, making it possible to create slide materials more efficiently than ever before. In addition, it will be possible to uniformly improve the document creation skills within the company.

Table of Contents

  • Background of service development
  • Changes from beta version
    • Offers 4 types of plans including a free plan
    • Popular feature upgrades
    • Added theme change function
    • Addition of design parts function
  • Future development

Background of service development

Currently, many business people are worried about streamlining document creation work. There are services related to streamlining document creation, such as slide creation agency and template download sites. However, it was not possible to outsource frequently due to price and communication costs, and it was difficult to find templates suitable for business scenes on download sites.

In order to solve these problems, Rubis Co., Ltd. has developed a web service “Illsil” that proposes a suitable slide design from the input text.

Changes from beta version

In addition to the beta version, the product version includes a free version that can be used without credit card registration, and features that are popular among users have been upgraded.

In addition, since many users wanted to improve their in-house document creation skills in a unified manner, we started a business plan that allows you to use the unique template designs of the companies that have introduced it within Illsil.

Offers 4 types of plans including a free plan

In the beta version, there was only a Pro plan (980 yen per month), but in the product version, you will be able to use Illsil with the following four plans.

  • Free plan Monthly free
  • Pro plan 980 yen per month
  • Business plan 1,680 yen per month
  • Enterprise Plan Please contact us

By introducing a free plan, you will be able to use the service more easily. Also, with the introduction of the Business plan, which allows you to use the templates of the designs you already have on Ilsil, it will be easier to introduce them within your company.

Popular feature upgrades

The design list screen, which was popular with users, has been upgraded.

This function is a function that allows you to check slide templates for each application such as “table of contents”, “service introduction”, and “price list”.

In the beta version, you could only view slides by purpose, but in the product version, you can view slides that are classified even more finely, making it possible to quickly find the slides that are suitable for the scene you want to use.

Added theme change function

In the beta version, there was only one type of theme, but in the product version, it is now possible to create slides with multiple themes.

On the theme change screen, “Batch change of font”, “Change of header design”, etc. are now possible, and multiple cover designs have been added.

Addition of design parts function

A function has been added that allows you to easily call up frequently used design parts when creating slides. By using the parts function and combining them, you can create an easy-to-read slide design.

Future development

Currently, Rubis Co., Ltd. is strengthening the recruitment of designers, and plans to increase the number of slide designs in the future.

In addition, it will be possible to create not only slide materials but also videos, etc., and we plan to proceed with development so that more diverse output can be completed with Ilsil.



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