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A story about how happiness increased a little after automating the coffee maker

An era in which coffee makers are becoming smarter

Do you like coffee, everyone? I love!

Before going out, it was standard to take out coffee at Starbucks on the way to work or drink coffee drip from beans at a cafe in the office, but recently the number of “houses” has increased. More often buy beans and brew them at home.

You can buy various kinds of beans at a coffee shop in your neighborhood and compare them, measure the number of grams of beans and the temperature of hot water, and try to extract coffee with a less unpleasant taste. These days when the number has increased.

It is said that smart home appliances that are perfect for such a life will be released from + Style. Its name is ” Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Maker “. What does it mean to make coffee makers smarter? While wondering, I immediately tried it!

Just add water and beans and the extraction is completed in no time.

When I opened the coffee maker that arrived at my house, it was quite stylish.

The unified design in black and silver is cool

When you open the lid on the top of the main unit, there is a filter, and below that is an electric mill. If you put coffee beans in here, it will be ground automatically.

The filter is easy to remove and can be washed immediately.

The back side of the main body is a water supply tank, which can hold 1 to 6 cups of water.

Space is required at the top of the installation location to remove the tank.

I installed it on the kitchen shelf. The size is a little bigger than the rice cooker. The shape of the main body is rectangular so it looks neat.

The width is narrow so it is easy to put on the shelf.

When the power is brewed, the touch panel glows and is cool. Coffee beans can be in the form of beans or powder. In addition, at the time of extraction, you can select the density from “dark” and “light”.

Normally, when brewing coffee, the procedure was to grind the beans with an electric mill → set in the filter → pour hot water from the kettle, but with a coffee maker, just put the beans as they are and grind → extract automatically. It will do it for you, so you don’t need to go to the front.

I decided to try extracting one cup. Just fill the water tank with water, set the beans, and press the button. The beans are ground with a “gut!” Sound and the coffee smells good immediately. After a few minutes of waiting, the coffee was ready in no time. Easy!

I tried to automate the morning routine of “walk → coffee”

Well, I thought about how to use the smart coffee maker more conveniently. Recently, the number of “households” has increased due to refraining from going out, but I take a walk in the morning as a daily routine to solve my lack of exercise.

The routine is “walking-> returning home-> getting dressed-> brewing coffee and going into work mode.”

When you open “Smart Settings” in the + Style app and open “Conditions”, you will find a menu called “Departure / Arrival”. Taking advantage of this, I decided to realize “a state where coffee is made after returning from a walk”.

Under the condition of “departure/arrival”, it is possible to realize the operation of operating smart home appliances “when leaving a certain place” and “when arriving at a certain place”. Taking advantage of this, we will make a setting that “when you are within a radius of ◯ meters from your house, turn on the power and brew coffee” assuming that you will return home from a walk.

I thought it would be enough to start 5 minutes before I got home, so I set it to “start when I was within a radius of 300m”.


Set the Tokyo Tower as your home and turn it on when you are within a radius of 302m.

When I get home and open the door, the happiness of the aroma of coffee

The next day, when I got home from the morning walk, the smell of coffee the moment I opened the door of the room. It’s like when I entered a Starbucks shop that I couldn’t go to recently, and I feel my body relax naturally. The effect of human beings, “scent”, is great, isn’t it?

I washed my hands, I was tired from taking a walk, so I rehydrated, and when I took a break, I transferred coffee to my favorite mug and went to the table.

It’s one cup, so it’s a little.

Check out today’s news with the iPad app “Nihon Keizai Shimbun Paper Viewer” while drinking coffee (this is also recommended because you can easily read the whole picture in a short time by looking at the newspaper on your tablet). I also love coffee that I grind from beans, but when I have coffee that is automatically brewed, I feel that I feel a little richer.

Not only the time was shortened, but the fact that “the scent of coffee floats in the room when I get home” has led to a higher level of happiness than I had imagined!

In conjunction with other home appliances, it can be used in various ways

This time, I tried the setting “Coffee is made by the time I get home from a walk”, but if you link with other home appliances from the + Style app, you can use it in various ways.

When it gets hot from now on, there is room for ingenuity to make the room comfortable, such as “when you come home from a walk, brew coffee + turn on the air conditioner + start turning the fan” when you come home from a walk. that’s right.

For those who want to drink coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning, it seems that a convenient morning experience can be achieved by linking it with a smart speaker and saying “OK Google, good morning” and then starting to brew coffee.

Why don’t you enjoy a little rich feeling with the smart fully automatic coffee maker?



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