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Achieve a comfortable sleep with smart lighting. Would you like to prepare your “preparation for sleep” routine?

This year, when the number of “houses” has increased due to self-restraint from going out, many people may want to reorganize their home environment where they spend a long time. This time, I will introduce the “recommended usage during sleep” that utilizes smart speakers and + Style smart LED bulbs and bedside lamps.


Challenge smart lighting!

The author’s home is a 1LDK condominium with a large living room and bedroom. I have installed Amazon Echo in the living room for several years, but I use it every day, such as “Alexa, play J-WAVE with radiko!” When you want to listen to the radio, and “Alexa, 5” while cooking. Only voice control such as “Measure!”

I’m sure there are many people who say, “I tried to introduce a smart speaker because it’s been talked about, but I don’t use it after all.” It wasn’t done.

Since I have had more time to refrain from going out these days, I decided to install smart lighting in my bedroom, which I hadn’t touched before. We installed ” Smart LED Light Bulb (Dimming / Toning) / E26 ” and ” + Style LED Bedside Lamp (Dimming / RGB Toning) ” for pendant light type lighting .

I connected a light bulb / lamp to the Google Home Mini that my friend gave me so that I could control the lighting with my voice. Is it difficult to connect a light bulb? I was worried, but the “+ Style” app is easy to use, and you can easily connect by following the guide.

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I installed a pendant light (bulb x 2) and a bedside lamp.


Switching is important for “home jikan”

By the way, the fact that the lighting can be operated by voice makes me think “how should I use it?” As a result of spending more time working at home due to refraining from going out, I have recently been worried that I cannot switch between work mode and relax mode well.

Originally, my house was supposed to be a place to relax, but now that it’s a place to work, I’ve been heading to my PC until just before going to bed. Originally, I was worried that I couldn’t sleep well, so I thought about a way to solve this.

When investigating how to improve sleep, he said, “It is important to switch from sympathetic dominance to parasympathetic dominance.” There are many ways to do this,

  • Gradually reduce the illumination at night
  • Make it a warm color
  • Play music with a slow tempo
  • Make a “routine” before falling asleep such as stretching

Etc. were introduced. But it’s a hassle to operate these actions every night, isn’t it? Therefore, the key is the cooperation between + Style home appliances and smart speakers.

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A bedside lamp is installed on the chest. You can freely choose not only the brightness but also the color.


Enter relaxing time with “OK Google, ready to sleep”

Until now, when I came to the bedroom after taking a bath, I kept the lights on at 100%, and after looking at my smartphone for a while in bed, I turned off the lights and went to bed. This time, using the + Style app and the Google Home app, I created a routine that behaves as follows as “preparing to sleep”.

  • Lighting to 10% brightness
  • Bedside lamps are also 10% bright
  • Bedside lamps are light bulb color
  • Play tomorrow’s weather

With the lights in the room turned off like this, I thought about doing yoga or stretching while watching YouTube videos. You can also listen to tomorrow’s weather and think about what to wear the next day.

Finally, we will create a “good night” routine to turn off the lights.

  • Turn off the lights
  • Bedside lamps are also off
  • Play the sound of the sea with “Sleep Sound” (low volume)

With this, it seems that you can spend “preparation to sleep” → “sleep” gracefully.


Satisfaction with a “careful life”

It’s been a few days since I made a routine. After taking a bath and heading to the bedroom and saying “OK Google, ready to go to bed”, stretching and yoga for about 10 minutes in a room with the lights turned off makes me feel like I’m living a very polite life. ..!

I usually spend a lot of time watching SNS on my smartphone and slapstick, but in this way, “I am working and caring for myself” is something that makes me feel satisfied.

Furthermore, if you try to play the sound of the ocean waves after “OK ​​Google, good night”, this is extremely comfortable. When you close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wa

When you say “good night”, the lights go out in order. It is convenient to be able to operate with your voice while lying down!


“Incense” is also added, and “preparation to sleep” with all five senses

It’s become more fun to get ready to go to bed, so I’ll try to use “incense” for a more comfortable routine.

At the same time as turning off the lights, spray the recently purchased THE PUBLIC ORGANIC pillow mist on the bedside. This pillow mist is specially made for sleeping and waking up comfortably. “FALL ASLEEP”, which has the effect of making you fall asleep better, has the scent of cypress and cedar wood. When I selected “Forest” from the preset sounds in “Sleep Sound” of Google Home and played it together, I felt like sleeping in a hut in the forest.

ves, it feels like a travel destination. By matching the rhythm of the waves and breathing, I often fell asleep.

The sleep sound of Google Home is full of natural sounds. You can enjoy an immersive feeling when combined with the scent.


By utilizing smart lighting, using “light”, “sound”, and “incense” to prepare for “sleeping” from the five senses, it is possible to fall asleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning.

In this way, if you carefully prepare your house for a long time, you will feel less impatient and feel that you can relax your shoulders and spend your time in your own way. Now that “home time” has increased, “making good sleep habits” using smart lighting and smart speakers is highly recommended!



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