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AI handwriting service that learns handwriting from photos and writes with a pen[2020]!

AI handwriting

Esparial LLC has started releasing the AI ​​handwriting service “Handwriting-kun” as a corporate service from September 15th.

Table of Contents

  • What is Handwriting-kun?
  • Different from printing! Features of “Handwriting-kun”
  • Handwriting-kun service flow
  • Rate plan

What is Handwriting-kun?

The AI ​​handwriting service “Handwriting-kun” is an AI that performs machine learning on handwritten characters taken in photographs, writes them with the user’s characters, and even sends them. Handwriting-kun can learn handwriting, pen pressure, and letter size to create letters at the same level as humans.

Also, even if you don’t have confidence in your own writing, you can write with the letters of the pen teacher because Handwriting-kun has learned the letters of the pen teacher.

Different from printing! Features of “Handwriting-kun”

The burden of 20 hours for a salesperson can be reduced to 1/40

By using AI handwriting “Handwriting-kun”, the time required to create handwritten documents can be drastically reduced.

Write the same letter differently each time

With AI Handwriting-kun, even if you write the same character, the characters will naturally differ each time. For example, even with the same “su”, the AI ​​robot will write a different “su” each time while capturing the characteristics of the handwriting.

Pen pressure is also reproduced

AI Handwriting Kun can reproduce not only the characteristics of the user’s characters, but also the writing pressure. The AI ​​robot actually writes characters with a pen to reproduce the unevenness of characters that cannot be printed.

Therefore, it can perfectly reproduce human handwriting.

Handwriting-kun service flow

The flow of the Teteki-kun service is as follows.

  1. Write the text you want to send in a letter on a piece of paper
  2. Take a picture with your smartphone and upload the photo
  3. Enter contact information such as shipping address
  4. Handwriting learns the characters in the photo
  5. Handwriting-kun writes a letter and sends it

Rate plan

The price plans for Tetegami-kun are as follows.

In addition to Japanese paper envelope + Japanese paper letter paper, stamp fee, handwriting fee, the price includes all enclosing and shipping fees.




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