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Released[2022] AI illustration maker “mimic” for creators!

AI illustration

Table of contents 

  • Development background
  • 3 features of mimic
  • Assumed use

Development background

RADIUS5 is a AI illustration, startup company that conducts research and development of AI related to creativity and entertainment with the vision of “maximizing human creativity”. RADIUS5’s AI service “cre8tiveAI (creative AI)” provides AI “Sai-chan” that generates illustrations and “Sai-chan +” that creates full-body illustrations in collaboration with AI. We are researching and developing AI for people who want to use
“mimic”, which was released this time, is an illustration generation AI service for creators, developed to solve various problems that creators face, believing that AI should be used for people who do creative activities.

3 Features of mimic

1. Can be generated with a minimum of 15 illustrations

mimic learns the artist’s drawing style from over 15 illustrations uploaded by the creator, and generates a unique new illustration similar to that drawing style. The minimum number of images to upload is 15, but the higher the number, the higher the accuracy.

2.You can create an AI illustration maker in about 2 hours

After uploading the illustration, the AI ​​illustration maker will be completed in about 2 hours. In the beta version, you can create up to 2 illustration makers and generate 30 illustrations per illustration maker.

3. The rights of the generated illustration belong to the creator

Based on the idea that AI should be for people who do creative activities, the copyright of the illustration generated by mimic belongs to the creator who uploaded the illustration.

Assumed use

Used as reference material for illustration production(AI illustration)

Illustrations generated by mimic can be used as reference materials for creators to draw pictures.
By referring to illustrations that are close to the creator’s style, such as characters with an atmosphere that you don’t usually draw or characters that are painted in a different way than usual, it will be a reference material that makes it easier to imagine.

Activate SNS and fan community(AI illustration)

It is expected that illustrations created by illustration makers will be given as SNS icons, and full-body illustrations of characters that are popular with fans will be used for communication with fans.
At the time of the beta version, the illustrations created by the illustration maker are watermarked, but we plan to release a function to remove the watermark later.



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