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An exhibition event for IoT goods for pets is being held! What is the hot product ??

IoT goods for pets are appearing in + Style one after another! There are many must-see products for pet lovers, such as a watching camera that allows you to check the state of dogs and cats while you are away from home, and an automatic feeder that allows you to feed pet food while you are away from home. Let’s pick up some of the hottest products this time.

In addition, SoftBank Omotesando is exhibiting IoT goods for pets that are on sale at + Style until August 31st (Friday). Of course, you can see all the products introduced from now on in the exhibition space. If you find a good item that interests you, please come visit us.

▼ With your pet anytime, anywhere!

A pet that is away from home. Have you ever been curious while you were out and asked, “What are you doing now ??” The “Petcube Play” introduced at the beginning is a watching camera that allows you to check the state of your pet from outside.

If you install the main unit in your room, you can check your pet’s video in real time from your smartphone via the dedicated app. Enjoy streaming playback with a 138 ° wide angle, 1080p HD camcorder. Two-way audio also allows you to talk to your pet from a distance.

Also equipped with a function to play with pets with a safe laser pointer. Of course, it has been proven safe for pets and people. Take a break from work or study, and try chasing after your pet.

▼ Automatic feeder equipped with a camera ♪

Next, let’s introduce “pet STATION,” which automatically gives you pet food. If you set the schedule from the dedicated app, you can have rice at a fixed time every day.

The capacity of the tank that holds pet food is about 700g. The amount given at one time can be adjusted up to 100g. It also has a function to record voice for up to 20 seconds, and it is also possible to call the pet with the owner’s voice recorded in advance when feeding.

Another major feature is that it has a built-in 2-megapixel camera. This allows you to watch the video of your pet eating rice from your smartphone. You can also talk to them through the app and listen to your pet’s voice.

▼ Always clear your pet’s drinking water

Dogs and cats who are members of an important family. For those who want to drink clean and delicious water at any time, we recommend “Fresco Pro”.

This is a pet water dispenser that constantly circulates and filters the water in the water storage tank. Through a three-stage filtration filter, dust, impurities, chlorine, and particles that cause odors are removed, and clean water is always given to pets.

The water storage tank is equipped with a water quality measurement probe. You can check the amount and quality of water at a glance by looking at the scale and color of the LED indicator on the main unit. For example, if the color of the LED indicator changes to orange, it is a signal that the water quality has deteriorated.

If you connect to your smartphone or tablet via your home network, you can check the amount and quality of water from the dedicated app.

In the exhibition space, you can also see the watching camera “Petcube Bites” that also has a feeding function, and the robot “easyPlay” that solves the lack of exercise of pets. Please visit Softbank Omotesando with your family during the summer vacation.



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