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Automatic operation of air conditioner is also possible ♪ 3 convenient devices that can be used for measures against the heat wave

The height of summer. In order to survive the heat of every day, it is essential to use air-conditioning equipment.

+ Style has a lot of useful devices to help you with the heat of summer. This time, I would like to introduce three of them: a smart controller for air conditioners, a smart device that can be used by attaching it to a light bulb socket, and a small air cooler that can be used outdoors.

▼ Produce a comfortable space ♪

First, let’s pick up “SENSIBO Sky”. This is a smart device that specializes in operating air conditioners. You can remotely control the air conditioner from a smartphone with the Sensibo app installed.

On the app, you can perform operations such as power on / off / mode switching / wind speed switching / timer setting of the air conditioner. You can also check the temperature and humidity of the room from outside and keep the air conditioner before returning home.

It is also attractive that your air conditioner can be operated automatically. Based on temperature / humidity / sensible temperature, such as “When the temperature rises above 30 ° C, turn on the air conditioner at” 25 ° C / at wind speed “” and “When the temperature drops below 24 ° C, turn off the power”. You can make various settings to keep the room comfortable at all times.

You can’t miss the fact that you can switch the power of the air conditioner and automatic operation on and off in cooperation with the location information of your smartphone. If you set “Turn off the power when you are more than 100m away from your house”, you will not regret “I forgot to turn off the power …” when you leave the house in a hurry.

This product is compatible with most domestic and overseas manufacturers. If it is a type that can be operated with a remote control, it is possible to control a stationary air conditioner or a ceiling-embedded air conditioner. It seems that he will play an active part not only at home but also in various environments such as work and school.

▼ Just attach it to the light bulb socket!

The “stak” that I will introduce next is a smart device that can be used by attaching it to an E26 type light bulb socket. Parts called “modules” that have functions such as “lighting” and “remote control” are attached to the stak body for use.

By installing a “remote control module” with a built-in infrared sensor, you can operate home appliances that support infrared remote control from your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to set a timer to turn on the air conditioner at the specified time.

If you set the location of your home or work on the app, the power will be turned off automatically when you leave your home or work. You can prevent it from being left on, which leads to savings in electricity bills.

Power is supplied directly from the socket, so there is no need to purchase or replace batteries. It also supports voice operations via Google Home and Amazon Echo. Therefore, even if your hands are blocked or dirty, you can just say “Turn on the air conditioner”.

▼ Small air conditioner that can be carried around

The last “eva CHILL” to be picked up is a small size air cooler that can cool / humidify / clean the air. With a maximum effective range of 3 square meters, this product is suitable for creating a personal space environment.

The operation method is very simple. Each time you press the button on the main unit, you can adjust the strength of the fan in 3 steps. The air that is sent out contains a moderate amount of humidity, so even those who tend to have dry skin due to air conditioning can use it with confidence.

The body weight is as light as 750 grams. It has a handle and is easy to carry. Since it works even with power supplied from a mobile battery, it is also recommended to bring it to outdoor leisure such as fishing and BBQ and use it as a measure against heat stroke.

So far, we have introduced three items. On each product page, you can check the details of functions, prices, designs, etc. Please check it out.



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