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Must-see for corporate personnel! Learn the basic knowledge of “Web marketing” and measures

web marketing
web marketing

“Web marketing is indispensable for expanding profits in corporate management.” If you work for a company, you may say that your seniors and bosses often said “similar lines.”
In today’s world where the Internet and communication equipment has become widespread, the importance of web marketing is increasingly being emphasized through training and seminars.
However, few people can easily explain “what is web marketing”. As a result, the word WM is often left alone and is often recognized as “a word that seems to be important in business.” This time, let’s comprehensively introduce the basic information, necessity, and utilization method of web marketing
for the person in charge of the company who wants to know about WM or want to utilize it for business.


table of contents

  • 1. What is Web Marketing?
  • 2. What is web marketing done in a company?
  • 3. Why do you need web marketing?
  • 4. What is the difference between web marketing and web promotion?
  • 5. How to do effective web marketing?
  • 6. How to outsource web marketing?

What is Web Marketing?

In the first place, “marketing” is a word that is used differently depending on the country or company.

Since the definition is ambiguous, it is difficult to make a general statement but to put it simply, it is good to recognize it as “a concept or method for making a profit.” In a company, marketing is a series of actions or initiatives such as “how to deliver products and services to customers” and “how to maximize value”. For example, conducting market research to understand customer needs and increasing the number of physical stores to expand sales channels are both “parts of marketing.”

What is Web Marketing?
Web Marketing Overview Make a profit in response to customer needs
Creating products and services that meet customer needs
Creating a mechanism to sell
Comprehensive activities for market creation
Web marketing method Market research
Analysis of customer data
Advertising activities
Setting up or expanding stores


As the name implies, web marketing refers to “the concept and method of marketing activities centered on the Internet (Web).” The word marketing itself has been used since ancient times, but WM is a word that has been heard more often since the early 2000s when the Internet became popular. In a nutshell, “what is web marketing?” Can be rephrased as “creating a system that sells using the Internet (Web).”

When the Internet environment and the Web industry change drastically, such as the spread of mobile phones and smartphones, the emergence of video sharing sites, and SNS services, the way WM should be is also characterized by major changes. Some companies have set up departments and teams that specialize in this web marketing to increase corporate profits. In the following sections, let’s talk about web marketing in a company.


What is web marketing done in a company?

There are many ways to say, “Create a selling mechanism that utilizes the Internet (Web).” Specifically, the following apply to web marketing.

  • Advertise on the internet
  • Investigate the evaluation of your product on SNS and review sites
  • Deliver video to users
  • Distribute the e-mail newsletter
  • Create owned media

● Advertise on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet is WM that can be expected to have the effect of making users aware of corporate products and services through the Web. There are various types of web ads, such as “listing ads” that appear on search engine search result pages and “display ads” that appear in the inventory of websites and apps, but all of them fall under the category of web marketing.


● Investigate the evaluation of your product on SNS and review sites

SNS services such as Twitter and Facebook, and review sites where the impressions of users who have purchased products are posted, have a lot of “live voices” and “frank opinions” of users. It can be said that it is also good WM to investigate them and utilize them for the development of future products and services.


● Deliver video to users

It’s not uncommon for video-sharing services like YouTube to have an account and publish PR videos. Being able to realistically introduce the usability and attractiveness of products can be said to be merit unique to videos. Depending on the company, we may ask a celebrity (influencer) on the Internet to publicize in the form of “getting to use our product” and “getting advertised”.


● Distribute e-mail newsletter

An E-mail newsletter, also known as an “e-mail magazine,” is a WM that has existed since the early days of the Internet. The cost is lower than sending physical DM to the user, and it has the advantage of being able to send information promptly. On the other hand, it is often treated as junk mail before it is read by the user, and the effect is often described as low risk and low return.


● Create owned media

Owned media are media sites and brand sites owned by a company. It is easier to operate and manage than advertisements, and you can appeal to your company’s appeal and products through content. It is easy to interact with visiting users, and it is characterized by being able to increase the asset value through long-term management.

As mentioned above, various actions apply to web marketing. When conducting WM, the costs incurred and the expected effects will differ, so it is recommended to use them properly according to your budget and purpose.

In addition, even in the above-mentioned web marketing, “different names” may be used depending on the method. For example, marketing using SNS is “SNS marketing”, and marketing using an e-mail newsletter is “email marketing”. Both must be WM, but be careful not to confuse them.


Why do you need web marketing?

You may have seen many methods and wondered, “Why is web marketing important in modern times?”

There are many reasons why WM is so important, but the most important reason is that modern society is an “Internet society.” In a society where many people collect information from the Internet, it is not uncommon for marketing through the Internet to influence corporate profits.

However, transient efforts are not enough to make web marketing successful and profitable. For example, simply “creating a corporate e-commerce site” or “creating an SNS account” cannot be expected to improve profits. Through the efforts introduced in the previous section, “how to make a profit” and “what kind of mechanism to make a profit” are the key points.


What is the difference between web marketing and web promotion?

By the way, there is also the word “web promotion” in a word similar to web marketing.

Differences between web marketing and web promotion
Web marketing General marketing through the internet
Web promotion General sales promotion activities via the Internet

To briefly explain the difference between them, web marketing is a term that refers to marketing such as “market research” and “advertising” via the Internet. On the other hand, the difference is that web promotion refers to all sales promotion activities via the Internet. Web promotion is also included in WM, so it sounds confusing, but let’s understand the difference to prevent the proto-language of recognition with customers and employees.


How to do effective web marketing?

With accurate market analysis and targeted advertising, it’s easy to be highly effective in both general marketing and WM. However, the term WM is used in a broad sense, so it is difficult to discuss “a web marketing method that can be surely effective.”

For example, for “advertising on the Internet to promote products”, it is essential to conduct a target user and competitive research. After that, there are methods such as implementing measures to attract customers such as listing advertisements and banner advertisements (display advertisements). In addition, if the purpose is to attract customers using owned media, efforts related to SEO (search engine optimization) will be important.

If you’re not confident in your IT skills but want to increase sales, it’s a good idea to outsource WM. Among system companies, many companies are responsible for the production and operation management of corporate sites and owned media according to the company.


How to outsource web marketing?

Finally, let me show you how to outsource web marketing.

As mentioned in the previous section, many system companies are responsible for the production management of corporate sites and owned media. If you want to carry out WM in the form of outsourcing, we recommend using a matching service such as ordering navigation. A dedicated concierge who is familiar with IT will propose the most suitable system company according to your wishes, so there is no problem even if you have never searched for a system company or do not know how to place an order in the first place.

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