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Bazgraph releases capital “136 million yen” & “Hearing Tanteki” free of charge through third-party allotment capital increase



Buzzgraph Co., Ltd. raised 30 million yen through a third-party allocation of shares to individual investors, bringing the capital to 136 million yen. With this funding, we will not only develop further new services for “Tanteki”, but also strive to develop services that will satisfy users, such as improving the accuracy of the summary engine.

Capital  recently released

In addition, we have released a new derivative service of the text summarization AI Tanteki, “Kidori Tanteki”, which is made by making full use of our own natural language processing AI, free of charge.

The recently released “Kidori Tanteki” is a web service that allows you to upload audio files and perform everything from transcription to summarization on one page.

A patent application has been filed as a service that can not only transcribe but also summarize, and it was limited to public at the AI ​​/ Artificial Intelligence EXPO 2022 [Spring] held in May 2022. However, it is now available for free.



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