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Blind Engine, an epoch-making blind that can be opened and closed automatically with a timer or smartphone

s that can adjust the lighting from the windows. Many people use it at home or in the office. It’s such a blind, but opening and closing is troublesome. Since you have to do it manually one by one, you may have a hard time in a place with many windows.

Blind Engine is definitely recommended for such people. The blinds can be opened and closed automatically, and it is an excellent one that can be operated with multifunctional settings. Here, we will introduce the functions in detail.


▼ Introducing various functions of Blind Engine

BlindEngine has various functions such as “timer setting”, “smartphone operation”, and “location information detection” as follows.


・ Automatically opens and closes the blinds by setting the timer

You can set the percentage to open the blinds and then set the timer to decide when to open the blinds. By setting the blinds to open early in the morning, it is possible to have a good morning with natural light.

Since you can set how much the blinds will be opened in advance, it will not open too brightly, and you can automatically get comfortable lighting at the specified time.


・ Remote operation with a smartphone is possible

BlindEngine can be remotely controlled with a smartphone. By using the dedicated app “BRUNT”, you can easily operate the blinds at home even when you are out.

In addition, even when it is difficult to move in the house, it is convenient because you can move the blinds with your smartphone at hand. In addition, by operating the blinds remotely from outside, it is possible to make it look like you are at home and prevent crime.

You may be worried that you can’t open or close it by any means other than operating your smartphone, but don’t worry, you can manually open and close it by pressing the button on the main unit. ..


・ Can be opened and closed using location information

Utilizing the location information function of the smartphone, the Welcome / Goodbye function that can automatically open and close the blinds is implemented just by entering the area specified in advance with Blind Engine (blind engine).

The blinds close naturally as you move away from home, helping to prevent forgetting to close, which is often the case on busy mornings or sudden outings. You can also set the blinds to open automatically when you get close to a certain distance when you come home.


・ Multi-control is possible

Not only can you run one Blind Engine, but you can also install and operate Blind Engines in multiple blinds.

So, for example, you can use a timer to open multiple blinds at the same time in the morning, or use the Welcome / Goodbye feature to close multiple blinds at the same time when you’re away from home.


▼ Smart speaker Compatible with Google Home! Blind operation by voice

BlindEngine is compatible with Google Home, which is a representative of smart speakers, and you can operate voice by just talking to Google Assistant, an AI assistant.

“OK Google, open the blinds 50%”

Not only can you give voice instructions to open the blinds, but you can also specify what percentage of the blinds you want to open. If you have Google Home, it will be very convenient.

In addition, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Line Clova, Apple Homepod, etc. can also be supported, but Japanese voice command compatibility of these services will be supported sequentially.


▼ Compatible with various blind roll screens

BlindEngine does not require any construction and can be installed on commercially available blind roll screens. In addition to standard “roll shades”, “roma shades”, “horizontal blinds”, etc., it is also possible to support hanging type “vertical blinds” and curtain-like “curtains (roll type)”. increase.

Two types of gears are available for BlindEngine, and it is devised so that it can be used for large beads (6 mm to 6.6 mm) and small beads (1.3 mm to 4.7 mm). I am.


▼ Blind Engine realizes futuristic lighting

You saw the charm of Blind Engine that can open and close the blinds automatically. You can see that it is an epoch-making blind that can be easily installed and operated by smartphones and location information.

If you want to operate the blinds smartly with IoT technology, please take this opportunity to consider purchasing Blind Engine.




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