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Blow away the disease in May! 3 IoT Goods to Refresh Your Mind and Body

The holidays associated with the change have ended, and my usual life has returned. However, I think there are many people who find it difficult to get out of the “rest mode” and say “I’m not feeling well …”.

Therefore, this time, we will pick up IoT goods that are useful for refreshing the mind and body. We would like to introduce three types of devices: a glasses-type device that adjusts the body clock with the power of light, a smart watch with a fitness function, and a pet monitoring camera. Please check the article below ♪

Adjust the body clock with the power of light

First, let’s introduce the glasses-type wearable device “AYO”. By emitting blue light, which works the same as sunlight, it suppresses and activates the hormone “melatonin” related to sleep, and is an item that can regulate the body clock.

If your sleep rhythm is disturbed and you cannot sleep at night, please use “Sleep Mode” to improve your natural sleep onset and sleep experience. If you set the latest wake-up / bedtime and desired wake-up / bedtime from the dedicated app, you will be notified of the optimal time to be exposed to the light. You can adjust your body clock by basking in the light according to the instructions, and you will be able to fall asleep naturally at the desired time.

Also pay attention to the “energy mode” prepared for when you feel sleepy or crispy during the day. This is a mode that aims to suppress the secretion of “melatonin” by light, relieve drowsiness and regain vitality. You don’t have to close your eyes even if you wear it, so you can use it while working.

The weight of the main body is as light as 35 grams, and you will not feel the weight even if you wear it. A special case that can be charged while storing is also included. Easy to carry and charge. The list price is 29,800 yen (tax included), but as of May 2019, it is on sale for 19,800 yen (tax included). Don’t miss this opportunity to buy at a great price!

▼ For everyday life and sports scene

Speaking of what is indispensable for a healthy life … After all it is an exercise. Next, let’s introduce the smart watch “MATE2” equipped with a fitness function.

Please note that it is equipped with a “multi-sport function”. Select a mode from walking / running / cycling to measure detailed data such as mileage / calories burned / speed.

The measured data can be checked from the dedicated iOS / Android compatible app. Checking your training records will help you stay motivated.

Ease of use is also one of the attractions of “MATE2”. Battery-powered, no daily charging required. Boasting 50m waterproof performance, it is safe even if you sweat or get splashed with water.

If you value appearance & function. Review of analog watch type smart watch “MATE2”

▼ Communicate with pets from wherever you go ♪

The last item to be picked up is “Petcube Bites”, which is a watching camera for pets.

If you install it indoors, you can check the state of your dog or cat who is away from your smartphone from your smartphone. Since it is equipped with a night-vision camera, you can check the image even at night.

“Petcube Bites” is also equipped with a function to give treats to pets. By operating the app, you can pop out pet food from the main unit. If you can’t find a dog or cat, you can call them in front of the camera. If you can’t get into work, why not use “Petcube Bites” to be healed by your beloved pet?

So far, we have introduced three items. Each product page introduces the details of functions, prices, usage, etc. in detail. If you find an IoT goods that interests you, please visit it.



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