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Challenge to make robots and make your home smart! Two recommended electronic work kits

An electronic work board “obniz” (obniz) that anyone can easily make things that move wirelessly. It is a Suguremono that you can make your own device by connecting parts such as motors and sensors while having the ease of programming with JavaScript from your smartphone.

Two types of starter kits, which are a set of such “obniz” and various modules for work, are now available! The “obniz AI robot kit” that allows you to create an automatic walking robot, and the “obniz IoT home kit” that allows you to turn your home into a smart home.

In this article, we will bring you the charm of the above two products. Why don’t you try to make a robot and make your home smart home using “obniz”?


Automotive robot that can recognize objects

With the “obniz AI Robot Kit”, you can create a car-shaped robot that moves in combination with a smartphone. Included in the starter kit are “obniz”, cardboard, tires, motors, distance sensors, etc. that will be the car body.

If you connect the included parts to “obniz”, you can operate the parts using any programming language via the Internet. It may seem difficult, but it also supports a “block program” that arranges blocks with commands on the screen. Even beginners of programming can use it with confidence.

If you set your smartphone on the car body, it will become an automobile-type robot that identifies and runs on objects. You can chase the ball and avoid obstacles. Also supports cooperation with the Internet and the cloud. In addition to being able to operate via the AI ​​speaker, it is also possible to start moving when there is a reply on Twitter.

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You can make a remote control that can remotely control home appliances!

The “obniz IoT Home Kit” includes an infrared module, distance sensor, servo motor, etc. It is called “a kit that can make your home a smart home by hand”, but what kind of thing can you make?

One of them is a remote control that can remotely control home appliances. Since the same signal as the remote control can be output from the included infrared module, you can turn on / off the air conditioner from outside via your smartphone, for example.

By linking with the weather API, it is possible to create IoT goods that raise the flag only on rainy days. If you leave it at the front door, you won’t forget your umbrella. You can also make IoT goods that check from the web whether there are people in the toilet using the distance sensor.

“Obniz IoT Home Kit” that allows you to make various things depending on your ingenuity. This also supports the “block program” as well as the “obniz AI robot kit”.

Each product page introduces what kind of things you can make and how to use them in detail. Please check the details.



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