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Charge well while you are out! Pick up a bag in collaboration with PORTER and next-generation batteries

Those who carry a mobile battery to prevent the smartphone from running out of charge, which is indispensable for daily life, not only to make calls and exchange messages, but also to use maps and music apps, play games in free time, etc. Will be many. However, have you ever had the experience of “I wasn’t in my bag …” in an emergency?


Therefore, this time, we will introduce “PORTER RUCKSACK” and “PORTER SLING SHOULDER BAG” with the next-generation battery “Power Leaf” built into the bag body. As the name suggests, it is a product in collaboration with the popular bag brand “PORTER”. If you want to charge smartly on the go, please read this article.


▼ Both design and convenience

There are two types of “Power Leaf” and “PORTER” collaboration items, a rucksack that is ideal for business use and a sling shoulder bag that is suitable for daily use.

“PORTER RUCK SACK” is equipped with a thin pocket for “ceramic battery board” in the back of the main body and “PORTER SLING SHOULDER BAG” in the main storage part. Since the controller on the shoulder strap and the battery are connected by a cable, it is possible to charge and supply power without opening the bag. If you use the cable clip attached to both products, you can charge without the cable getting entangled.

The “ceramic battery board” that comes with both bags is 4.7mm thin. It weighs about 250g and has a battery capacity of 3,550mAh. It reduces the risk of ignition and liquid leakage, and boasts high safety.


Nylon twill that gives off an elegant luster is used as the material. The surface is treated with Teflon®, which is resistant to water and dirt. The inside of the bag is a bright orange color that symbolizes PORTER, and the excellent design is also attractive, such as engraving the “PORTER logo” on the controller of the shoulder strap part. It is a product that pays attention to every detail.

▼ Supports high-speed charging ♪

Next is the mobile battery, but if you want to charge it quickly, here are some items that you should definitely check out. It is a USB charger “One Adapter evri 80W USB Type-C Charging Station”. With 1 port of “USB Type-C” and 4 ports of “USB Type-A”, you can charge your computer, smartphone and games at the same time.


“USB Type-C” is a standard that enables large-capacity charging

Compatible with “USB Power Delivery 2.0”. It can supply up to 80W. In addition, all 4 ports of “USB Type-A” are compatible with the high-speed charging standard “Quick Charge 3.0” developed by Qualcomm of the United States. If it is a compatible product, it can be fully charged in a shorter time than usual. In addition, preparations for overcurrent / overvoltage / heating are perfect. For details on compatible devices, please check the link below!

Each product page provides detailed information on design, features, and prices. If you find an item that interests you, please check the details.





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