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Comfortable home telework environment! Carefully selected recommended goods

Work styles have become more diversified, and more and more companies are introducing telework. It seems that teleworking, which allows you to work without going to the office, has many merits, but when you try teleworking, many people may say, “I can’t concentrate on my work …”. Perhaps the reason why telework does not progress is due to the home environment.

So, this time, I tried to summarize the goods that make telework comfortable. Introducing a personal cooler that prepares the environment around the desk, earphones that can shut out the noise, and a home appliance remote control that allows you to operate home appliances in the room with your voice or smartphone. If you want to comfortably telework, please check it out.

Excellent though it is compact!

When I’m teleworking, I’m worried about the voices of my family and the sounds of my life. However, I can’t comfortably telework because my room doesn’t have an air conditioner … We recommend “Eva CHILL” to such people. This cooler is a personal cooler that can cool/humidify/clean the air with one unit.

The maximum cooling range is 3 m2. The main body size is 172 x 170 x 170 mm, which is extremely compact. It’s perfect for telework because it doesn’t get in the way even if you put it on your desk. Power is supplied by a Type-C cable, and it also works with a USB port of a personal computer or a mobile battery, keeping the surroundings at a comfortable temperature.

The operation of the main body is simple. With just one button on the stylish-looking body, you can press it to adjust the fan strength in three stages. Since the main body has a handle for carrying, you can carry it immediately when you move from place to work. This is a must-see item for those who are worried that they cannot concentrate on their work due to the room temperature.

Shut down ambient noise!

When you’re teleworking, you may notice trivial sounds such as children’s voices, daily life sounds, and the noise of cars and motorcycles heard from the outside. Earphones with a noise canceling function are a must-have item for those who want to comfortably telework without worrying about noise. Among them, I would like to recommend the high-performance but low-priced Bluetooth earphone “display ANC 30 Bluetooth Headphone” for 6,545 yen (tax included).

A major feature is that external noise can be reduced by up to 90% simply by pressing a button on the main unit. It can effectively block “low-frequency noise” such as airplane engine noise and automobile and motorcycle engine noise. Of course, we are particular about sound quality, and you can enjoy a well-balanced and clear sound in any range.

Another nice feature during telework is “incoming vibration”. When there is an incoming call on the paired smartphone, it will vibrate to notify you, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally missing an important contact. You can also start a call by pressing the button on the main unit.

Operate home appliances without standing up

The last telework comfort good to introduce is the “smart multi-remote control”. Once the settings are complete, you will be able to operate home appliances that use infrared remote controls such as TVs, air conditioners, and lights from your smartphone app. In addition to simply turning the power on and off, you can also change the TV channel and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. In addition, voice operation is possible by connecting the main unit and smart speaker. You can control it just by saying “OK Google, turn on the air conditioner”.

If you leave your seat during telework, you may lose your concentration. However, when you are teleworking, you may want to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner or change the brightness of the lights. In such a case, if you use the “smart multi-remote control”, you can operate home appliances while sitting on the work chair. You don’t have to bother to go near home appliances or look for remote control, so you can telework more comfortably.

A “smart multi-remote controller” that allows you to “make your home smart”. As of May 2020, when the manuscript was written, it is on sale for 5,980 yen (tax included). Please check it.

We have introduced goods that make telework comfortable. Did you find any goods you were interested in? The details page of each good introduces the specifications and functions in detail, so please have a look.



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