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Condensed multi-functionality in the palm of your hand! Newly released Android smartphone “Palm Phone”

SIM-free smartphone “Palm Phone” is now on sale!

Although it is palm-sized, this is a Suguremono that has various charms such as IP68 waterproof / dustproof performance and shortcut access function of the application. This time, let me tell you a lot about the points of interest of such a “Palm Phone”. Please take a look at the article.

▼ Small but high performance

The biggest feature is that it is almost the same size as a credit card (about 50.6 mm wide x 96.6 mm high). It is lightweight with a thickness of 7.4 mm and a weight of about 62.5 g. It can be said that this item is suitable not only for those with small hands but also for those who want to operate a smartphone with one hand!

Although it is ultra-compact, you cannot overlook the high specifications that can be used as the main terminal. Equipped with a 3.3-inch HD liquid crystal display with a resolution of 445 ppi, a 12-megapixel out-camera / 8-megapixel in-camera. In addition, you can use the Google Assistant and also support security lock by face recognition.

▼ Turn off notifications to save battery

Don’t look down on it as a small enclosure. “Palm Phone” is equipped with various convenient functions that are useful in daily use.

One of them is the “gesture pad” function. You can access your favorite apps from the screen locked state by simply tracing the initials of the apps you want to use on the display.

The “Life Mode” feature, which allows you to hide phone and app notifications when the screen is off, is also attractive. When you want to focus on your work or relax in your private life, you don’t have to worry about annoying notifications.

▼ Waterproof specifications useful for everyday use

“Palm Phone” boasts IP68 waterproof / dustproof performance, which is the highest level of waterproof / dustproof. Durability is a concern because it is a smartphone that you use every day, but it seems that you can rest assured.

It is a product that sells well at the time of pre-order sales, so if you are considering purchasing it, please check the product details as soon as possible.



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