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Convenient for confirming the safety of families living apart and for crime prevention measures ♪ + Style original smart sensor is now available

+ Style handles a large number of our own brand products. This time, we picked up three types of smart sensors. It is a device that can detect the movement of people and pets / open / close doors / water leaks, and notify each situation to the dedicated application “+ Style” in real time.

In addition, it can be linked with other + Style original products such as “Smart Aroma Mist Pod”. You can also use it like “Turn on the power of the” Smart Aroma Mist Pod “when the door opens.” Let’s take a closer look at the features of each product.

▼ To confirm the safety of families living apart

The first thing I would like to introduce is the “smart sensor (human feeling)”. There are various scenes that can be used. For example, if you install it in the home of a family living away, such as a bedroom / toilet / corridor, you will be able to watch over and check your safety for any abnormalities in your health.

By installing it in your pet’s room, you can check the activity status of your beloved cats and dogs from outside.

The installation location can be on the wall near the ceiling. The power supply method can be selected from microUSB cable / lithium battery according to the installation location and frequency of use. The “smart sensor (human feeling)”, which is easy to use, is on sale for 3,780 yen (tax included).

▼ Notify family going out / returning home

A “smart sensor (door / window)” is a device that detects the opening / closing of a door / window and sends a notification. If you install it at the entrance, you can check your child’s return home from a remote location even if you are out for work or shopping. Attaching it to a window that is easy for suspicious persons to enter will also help prevent crime.

No wiring is required because it is battery operated. You can attach it anywhere you like. It also has a function to notify you when to replace the battery, so you don’t have to worry about “the battery is dead …” without noticing it. The reasonable price of 2,980 yen (tax included) is also a point of interest.

▼ None if prepared

Water leaks from water supply / drainage pipes and toilet tanks in kitchens and washrooms. Early detection is important to prevent major damage such as flooding downstairs.

Therefore, I would like to introduce a “smart sensor (leakage)” that can detect water leaks. When the water level rises from the main unit to the “prove” that extends to the floor, a notification is sent to the smartphone app. At the same time, the buzzer sounds. It seems convenient to install it in a place that is usually hard to reach, such as around the washing machine or under the washroom.

Furthermore, it is possible to detect dew condensation that tends to occur on windows and sashes during the winter and rainy season. You can prevent the deterioration of the house and the growth of mold and mites. The selling price is 3,580 yen (tax included).

So far, we have introduced three products. Did you find the item you are interested in? Each product page contains detailed information about its design and features. Please take a look.



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