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Cooperation between companies and consumers What is “planning” for participatory product planning?

This is a function that allows companies to solicit ideas from consumers by posting products that they aim to commercialize on this site. Companies can showcase the appeal of the product with photos and videos, and users can freely express their opinions on the project. It is possible to brush up the product while cooperating between the two parties.

At the time of writing at our school, 10 products were listed in “Planning” in late September. This time, let’s pick up three of them and introduce them.

▼ Measuring heart rate and respiration with a tubular sensor

The first thing I would like to talk about is “Airitomo” by Daikin Industries, which is famous for air conditioners. This is a sensing technology that can measure biological information such as heartbeat / respiration / body movement by simply laying a tubular sensor under the body. Even those who are reluctant to wear the sensor or those who have weak skin and cannot attach the sensor can use it without feeling any burden.

The following page is soliciting your opinions on the features we would like to add to the two products that use this technology. If you have an idea to make “Aeritomo his sofa type” that automatically adjusts the temperature of the air conditioner according to the sleep rhythm and “Air Litomo his sofa type” that can measure the stress level just by sitting, it is more convenient. Please comment from the following page.

▼ Smart desk that can incorporate a standing posture In

office work, work in a sitting posture tends to increase. However, it is said that if you stay in the same posture for a long time, it will put a strain on your body and may cause lifestyle-related diseases and back pain. However, some people may be worried, “I don’t feel good about leaving my seat frequently …”.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the smart desk “Swift” that can raise and lower the top plate up and down. By adjusting the height, you can take in a “standing posture” at any time during work. Remote operation is also possible by using the dedicated iPhone application “+ Standing App” that will be released soon. It is also noteworthy that you can keep track of daily usage logs and calories burned.

The following page is looking for answers and opinions about your desk and “Swift”. Please comment on the environment where you use your desk at home and the size / color / material you want for “Swift” ♪

▼ Umbrella that you don’t have to hold by hand !?

A tool that is still in use today with the basic structure and mechanism unchanged. One of them is the “umbrella”. The last item, “free Parasol,” is a product that has the potential to revolutionize the way you use an umbrella, even if you don’t hold it in your hand (even if you don’t support it).

With the umbrella open, press the switch on the handheld part … How, the propeller starts and the main body rises like a drone. When you press the control button, it moves forward, so you can move while holding an umbrella without supporting the weight.

I would like to ask you about where you would like to use this product. Please feel free to send us your opinions about golf courses / stadiums / tourist attractions, etc. ♪

“Planning” is full of other IoT products that feel the future, such as the marketing support AI robot “ZUKKU” and the activity meter “smart ring” that you can put on your finger. We sincerely look forward to your wonderful ideas.



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