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Customize WordPress! How to make it easier to use and more efficient with plugins


WordPress has an extension called “Plugins”.
WordPress has a simple system so that it can be used for all kinds of websites, and the plugin is a function that the website creator can customize by adding only the necessary functions.
What are the plugins and how do I choose them?
This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge about WordPress plugins, precautions when installing, recommended plugins, etc.

table of contents

  • 1. Basic knowledge of the “WordPress” plugin
  • 2. Standard plugin for WordPress
  • 3. By use! Recommended WordPress plugins
  • 4. Precautions when installing the plugin
  • 5. Install a plugin that suits your purpose


Basic knowledge of “WordPress” plugin

Plugins are tools that extend the functionality of WordPress and are distributed as additional features. You can customize it to your liking by adding a new plugin to WordPress.

● How to get

There are two types of plugins, official plugins, and unofficial plugins. Official plugins are registered in the WordPress plugins directory and can be obtained from the official WordPress site. Unofficial plugins refer to those published on personal sites and overseas sites, and many plugins are available, both official and unofficial.

● Enable installation

The plugin does not apply to your website just by installing it. You can reflect it on your website by activating it after installation.
Also, if you want to remove the plugin, or if you insert a new plugin and you no longer need the existing plugin, stop the activation. Even if you temporarily stop it, the plugin itself remains installed, so if you want to use the function again after that, you can use it immediately by reactivating it.

If you want to completely remove the plugin from your WordPress system, uninstall it. Please note that once you uninstall it, you will have to reinstall it when you re-enable it.


Standard plugin for WordPress

The Japanese version of WordPress comes with three plugins installed by default. This section describes the standard plug-ins.

● “Akismet”

“Akismet” is an anti-spam plugin that checks the content of comments and trackbacks on websites. Akismet’s web service automatically checks for comments and trackbacks to determine if it’s a spam comment.
It is installed in WordPress by default, and you need to get an API key to use it. It is free, but it is a paid plan for use on commercial sites and sites that earn more than a certain amount of income even for individuals.

● “Hello Dolly”

“Hello, Dolly” is a plug-in that randomly displays the lyrics of a song sung by a jazz musician named Louis Armstrong in the upper right corner of the management screen. In particular, it is not a plugin required for website creation and operation. You can edit the displayed words to your favorite words and sentences, but you can delete them if you don’t need them.

● “WP Multibyte Patch”

“WP Multibyte Patch” is a plugin that optimizes characters on WordPress to multibyte characters. Multi-byte characters are characters that are represented by data of 2 bytes or more and correspond to double-byte characters such as Japanese hiragana and kanji. Since WordPress is originally made in English-speaking countries, “WP Multibyte Patch” is required to operate normally when using the Japanese version. Be sure to enable it.


By use! Recommended WordPress plugins

In addition to the standard plugins, many useful plugins are available. We will introduce the plug-ins required to operate the website according to the purpose.

● SEO measures

An effective plug-in for SEO measures is “All in One SEO Pack”. Most of the SEO measures can be done with this plug-in, such as setting Google Analytics and keywords, setting noindex to prevent searching, setting “XML sitemap” and “sitemap. Xml” to encourage search engine crawler patrol. increase. It can be said that it is an indispensable plugin to increase the number of customers on the site.

● Access analysis

There is a plugin called “Jetpack by” that covers various plugins including access analysis. It has a minimum access analysis function such as knowing the number of PVs and users of the site and is devised so that it can be analyzed simply and easily. Therefore, you can easily manage and operate the site without installing Google Analytics. With this plugin, you can also set up an inquiry form required when operating a corporate site or product page, and link with SNS such as Facebook and Twitter.

● Layout switching

By applying a plugin called “Multi-Device Switcher”, you can set and switch individual themes such as for PC, mobile, tablet, and game platforms. Responsive web design can support multiple devices, but it’s recommended if you want to display completely different layouts on your PC and smartphone.
You can also install a button on the display screen for smartphones to switch to the PC version display. Even when accessed from a mobile terminal, the user can freely switch the display, which leads to improved usability.


Precautions when installing the plugin

Plugins don’t become more convenient the more you install them. Let’s take a look at the points to note when installing the plugin.

● Plugins to avoid

Some unofficial plugins, such as plugins that are released for free on the Web and plugins overseas, are not guaranteed to be secure. Some plugins contain malicious programs such as viruses, so make sure that the publisher can be trusted before installing. If you have an unofficial plugin that you want to use, it is also important to check its safety by searching for application examples on other sites.

You should also avoid plugins that have just been released. This is because there are few application examples and information for those that have been released for a short time, and it is difficult to deal with problems when they occur.

● Check the plug-in version

Before installing the plugin, make sure your WordPress version and the plugin version are compatible. Even official plugins may not be enabled correctly if the versions are different. Keep in mind that plugins that work fine but haven’t been updated for a long time may have vulnerability issues or may not be compatible with the latest version.

● Do not install too much

If you install too many plugins, it is easy to cause conflicts such as unstable operations. Keep your plugins to a minimum, as they can slow down your website if they try to work together.
Also, some plugins are incompatible when used together. Before installing, carefully consider whether you need the plugin. It’s also important to check your website’s settings and ease of use and stop or remove plugins that you aren’t using.


Introduce a plugin that suits your purpose


WordPress plugins are a useful tool that can be a great help in running your website.
However, if you install too much or install dangerous plugins, the display of the site will be corrupted, so it is important to check carefully when installing.
Thinking about what plugins you need can help you ponder the site’s original purpose and improvements.
Why not customize your website to make it even easier to use by adding useful features?


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