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Developing optical transmission technology that achieves the world’s largest transmission capacity!

Fujitsu Limited is a company that provides services such as communication systems and information processing systems. It boasts the 2nd largest sales in Japan and 10th in the world as an IT service provider, and is one of the constituent stocks of the Nikkei Stock Average and TOPIX Large 70.

This time, while introducing the outline and business contents of Fujitsu Limited, we will explain the company’s strengths and trends.

Table of Contents

  • About Fujitsu Limited
    • Company overview
    • Vision
    • History
  • Fujitsu service
    • Zinrai TalkVisible
    • Zinrai Translation Service
  • Achieving the world’s lowest power consumption per transmission capacity and reducing CO2 emissions by 70%|Development of optical transmission technology that achieves the world’s largest transmission capacity
    • Background
    • Technical overview
  • Recruitment information for Fujitsu Limited
  • Lastly

About Fujitsu Limited

Company overview

company name Fujitsu Limited
Established June 20, 1935
location Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7123
CEO Takahito Tokita
number of employees 124,200 (global)
amount of sales 3,586,839 (million yen)
capital 1,715,749 (million yen)



Realizing a sustainable future through digital innovation

Since its first edition in 2013, the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision published by Fujitsu Limited has made proposals for realizing a sustainable future through digital innovation.

Environmental issues, the spread of COVID-19, and soaring resource prices have brought various issues to the fore on a global scale, making it difficult to predict the future. is changing to environmental, social and economic sustainability. We advocate how to proceed with transformation under purpose-driven leadership, future visions opened up by technology, and specific transformation themes that differ for each business.


June 1935 Spun off Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (currently Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.) and established Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (currently Fujitsu Limited).
May 1949 Listed new shares at the same time as the reopening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 1962 Established ” Fujitsu Laboratories ” as the core of research and development (spun off as Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in 1968, integrated into Fujitsu in 2021)
August 1977 Japan’s first supercomputer FACOM230‐75 APU completed
November 2003 Opened “Fujitsu Solution Square” as a strategic base for solution business
April 2013 Formulation of “Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision,” which newly systematizes technologies and products based on the company-wide vision of “Human Centric Intelligent Society.”

Fujitsu service

Zinrai TalkVisible

Zinrai TalkVisible and Fujitsu Cloud Service TalkVisible (hereafter, TalkVisible) are services that support the creation of transcripts of conferences and lectures. A transcript that identifies the speaker by deep learning is automatically generated, and the content can be checked and corrected with a dedicated editor, allowing efficient creation of highly accurate transcripts.

Features of TalkVisible

AI cuts meeting minutes creation time (*1) up to 1/2

TalkVisible evenly adjusts the volume of the voice and removes ambient noise such as environmental sounds, allowing you to accurately hear what is being said.

In addition, it automatically identifies the characteristics of the speaker from the voice data recorded with a single general-purpose microphone.

*1 According to research by Fujitsu Ltd.

Proprietary smooth editing editor

Equipped with editing functions such as highlight display of the playback position and repeat playback, it realizes smooth editing.

dictionary registration

By registering meeting materials, AI automatically extracts proper nouns and technical terms from the number of occurrences of words, registers them in a dictionary, and automatically identifies them. Furthermore, since arbitrary words can be registered, recognition accuracy can be expected to improve.


To prevent spoofing, Fujitsu Cloud Service TalkVisible supports multi-factor authentication using SMS/email in addition to ID/password authentication.

It has also acquired ASPIC certification (*2) for the safety and reliability of its services.

*2ASPIC certification: “Services that meet safety and reliability information disclosure standards” required when companies and local governments considering using cloud services compare, evaluate, and select businesses and services. accredited by

Zinrai Translation Service

“Zinrai Translation Service” is a service aimed at eliminating language barriers, improving productivity and activating communication by shortening the time required for translation work. In addition to text translation, you can also translate PDF files and Microsoft Office files.

Features of Zinrai Translation Service

Accurate translation

With the latest neural translator engine, you can translate into natural sentences. We achieve a translation accuracy equivalent to that of a Japanese business person with a TOEIC 960 level between Japanese and English, and a translation accuracy equivalent to that of a Chinese business person who has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 between Japanese and Chinese.

Suitable for various office scenes

In addition to text translation, you can also translate PDF files and Microsoft Office files. We also provide add-ins for Microsoft Outlook email translation and Skype for Business chat translation.

Like an API, it can also be incorporated into your own system.


The document used for translation is deleted from the server after translation, so you can use it with confidence even for confidential documents. In addition, we have acquired “ASPIC certification” related to the safety and reliability of cloud services.

Achieving the world’s lowest power consumption per transmission capacity and reducing CO2 emissions by 70%|Development of optical transmission technology that achieves the world’s largest transmission capacity

On September 14, 2022, Fujitsu Limited (*3) announced the development of digital coherent optical transmission technology capable of high-capacity transmission of 1.2 Tbps per optical wave. In addition, we plan to commercialize optical transmission equipment that applies this technology in the first half of 2023 and provide it globally.

In addition to applying the digital signal processing LSI (DSP) that applies the latest semiconductor process, this technology is the world’s first water cooling system for optical transmission equipment, and optimizes the resources of the entire optical network using machine learning (* 4) While realizing the world’s highest high-capacity transmission of 1.2Tbps per optical wave, it proposes power consumption and reduces CO2 emissions of the entire system by 70% compared to conventional products.

*3 Data communication of 150 GB per second is possible per wavelength of light.

*4 Fujitsu Limited research (as of September 14, 2022)


The further evolution of network technology has been demanded against the background of the growing demand for technology that can process large amounts of information at high speed due to the spread of IoT, AI, and big data processing. In Japan, 5G-Advance and 6Gmp, next-generation communication plans for 5G, which is becoming widespread, are under consideration, and when put into practical use, the amount of information processing is expected to be about 100 times that of 5G. In addition, while there is a demand for large-capacity transmission due to the increase in the amount of wireless communication data access, there is a limit to the speed of signal bias due to optical distortion, which limits the amount of data that can be transmitted with a single optical wave. had. In addition, reducing power consumption and reducing CO2 emissions for the entire network are major issues for telecommunications carriers. This technology was developed to solve these problems.

Technical overview

Terabit optical transmission system technology

Applying the world’s first digital signal processing LSI (DSP) capable of transmitting high-speed signals of 140 Gbaud and a narrow linewidth wavelength tunable laser, it is possible to highly accurately compensate for optical wavelength distortion that occurs in transmission/reception devices and optical transmission lines. By combining our proprietary technologies, we have achieved the world’s highest capacity transmission of 1.2Tbps per wave. In addition, in optical communication, there is a general tendency for communication distance to become shorter as transmission capacity increases. did.

World’s first application of water cooling technology to optical transmission equipment

Conventional optical transmission equipment used air cooling technology to cool the system. However, in this technology, based on Fujitsu’s knowledge in the development and manufacturing of supercomputers, water cooling technology is applied to the world’s first optical transmission equipment. With this technology, we have improved the cooling effect while maintaining the high reliability and maintainability that are essential in the field of communication equipment that is used for a long period of time. It has come true. In addition, the overall optical transmission equipment is one-third smaller and lighter than conventional air-cooled equipment, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions during transportation and after use. To do.

Optical network monitoring technology using machine learning

In conventional optical networks, the conditions required for network design, such as the performance of optical fibers that change depending on the operating environment and the status of individual optical transmission systems, are strictly estimated and designed, making it difficult to efficiently draw out the inherent performance of the network. , leading to an increase in power consumption and a decrease in the transmission capacity that can be provided. However, with network monitoring technology that uses machine learning, it will be possible to automatically capture and analyze the status of optical network components with a high degree of accuracy. By using this technology to set the DSP modulation method and configuration elements when building a network, it is possible to build a network that maximizes the transmission performance of optical transmission equipment while suppressing power consumption.

Recruitment information for Fujitsu Limited

Recruitment type Business Producer/Solution & Service Engineer/Development/Research/Corporate (supply chain management, purchasing, legal affairs, intellectual property, finance/accounting, general affairs/human resources)
Department of Recruitment All faculties and departments
Recruitment target Those who are expected to graduate (completion) from a university, graduate school, or college of technology in March 2023Or those who have already graduated and wish to be hired under the same framework as new graduates (regardless of work experience)
Starting salary Master’s degree: Monthly salary 260,000 yen University graduate: Monthly salary 230,000 yen Technical college graduate: Monthly salary 200,000 yenNumber of new hires in 2022
salary increase Once a year (April)
bonus Twice a year (June, December)
holiday vacation Holidays (124 days off in 2022): 2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, special holidaysVacation: Paid vacation (20 days in the first year), accumulated vacation, refresh vacation, childcare leave system, nursing care leave system, etc.
Welfare Commuting expenses subsidies, family assistance benefits, rent subsidies, dormitories (according to company regulations), employee stock ownership, property accumulation savings, various recreation facilities, etc.
Work location Head Office (Shiodome), Kawasaki Factory, Solution Square (Tokyo),Uvance Kawasaki Tower (Kawasaki), Kansai System Laboratory (Osaka),

Laboratories (Kawasaki, Atsugi, etc.) and all domestic and overseas offices

Many workplaces are now teleworking from home or satellite offices.

Working hours 8:45 to 17:30 (depending on the office) (Standard working hours: 7 hours and 45 minutes)The above are standard working hours, but there are many workplaces that apply “flextime without core hours”.
insurance Employment, workers’ compensation, health, welfare pension insurance


Recently, the promotion of DX has been attracting attention, and the utilization of data is attracting attention in various fields. In addition, global issues such as environmental problems and soaring resource prices have become apparent, and sustainability management has become a focus of attention. Under such circumstances, Fujitsu Limited has provided various services to realize a sustainable future through digital innovation.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of services Fujitsu will create in the future.

In The Players series, I write articles focused on AI-related companies. By comparing various AI companies, you may be able to see the laws of the AI-related companies that are doing construction.



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