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Do you know the correct way to clean the humidifier? Introducing simple procedures and maintenance methods

Humidity is a concern when I stay at home more often. If the room is dry, it can have unfavorable effects such as sore throat and virus propagation.
Humidifiers are a reliable tool for this, but do you know the correct cleaning method? Perhaps they are still spreading mold and germs. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the correct cleaning method for humidifiers by type.


The cause of mold and odor is a scale from kabuki!

Have you ever felt an unpleasant odor from a humidifier and found that mold had grown when you opened the inside? Some people may think that they are just using water, but the cause is the “scale” that comes out of chlorine, calcium, minerals, etc. contained in tap water by not changing the water in the humidifier frequently. If water stains collect on the filter, mold will form inside the humidifier. In other words, we are replenishing the substances that cause dirt every day, so regular cleaning is essential. If left as it is, mold and germs will gradually grow on the details of the humidifying filter and parts, and the odor will become stronger, which is not good for hygiene. Also, depending on the product, the humidifier filter may shrink, which may cause a malfunction. Some may wonder, “Why don’t you use the water from the water purifier?” However, most manufacturers recommend tap water. This is because when chlorine (chlorine) is removed along with impurities by a water purifier, the bactericidal effect is lost, and mold and germs are more likely to grow.

Dirty humidifier … It’s dangerous to leave it alone!

In winter, when the humidity and temperature are low, there is an image that mold growth is low, and you may be alert and neglect to clean the humidifier. However, if not cleaned, mold and germs will increase even in winter. Moreover, it should be noted that black mold is less likely to occur in winter, so it is less noticeable.

The bactericidal effect of Kalki lasts for about 1 day in the humidifier. After that, germs tend to increase in the tank, causing mold, stinks, slime, and black spots, which can cause odors and even break down.

Also, if the kabuki and minerals crystallize and clog the filter part, the humidifier will not be able to perform as it should. If you feel that your throat and skin are dry even though you have been humidifying all the time, why not check the filter once.

In the worst case, continuing to absorb the water that is covered with germs released from the humidifier may have an adverse effect on the human body. In particular, be careful of the “ultrasonic humidifier” that atomizes the water in the tank with ultrasonic waves and discharges it, and the “vaporization type humidifier” that humidifies by blowing air on a damp filter. Since it is not heated, there is a risk that various germs such as “Legionella” will leak out.

Legionella is a bacterium that easily affects the health of the elderly and infants, so if you have such a person in your family, be especially careful to clean it. In the worst case, it can cause serious symptoms such as pneumonia.

Speaking of cleaning the humidifier, citric acid! Other items like this

The main stain on the humidifier, scale, is alkaline. Acidic citric acid is the perfect way to remove it cleanly. Water stains that cannot be removed by rubbing can be softened by neutralizing with citric acid, making them easier to clean.

Citric acid can remove dirt from the roots, so use it for thorough cleaning about once a month. Vaporization type/steam type humidifiers are suitable for cleaning with citric acid. Some humidifiers and parts cannot use citric acid, so please check the manual in advance.

Powder-type citric acid can be purchased at a drug store for about 100 yen per 100g. It cannot be used as it is, so make 1 tablespoon (15 g) of “citric acid water” with 1 liter of water or lukewarm water. In addition, it will be easier to clean if you prepare the following items.

  • bucket
  • Soft cloth or towel
  • sponge
  • toothbrush
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubber gloves and mask

Cleaning with citric acid water is from soaking. Soak a tank or tray for storing water, removable parts, a filter, etc. in citric acid water for about 3 hours.

Then rinse with water and clean large areas with a sponge and small areas with a toothbrush or cotton swab.


What is the easy way to clean the humidifier by type?

What is an easy way to clean a humidifier by type?

There are four types of humidifiers: ultrasonic type, vaporization type, steam type, and hybrid type. Here, we will explain the features of each type and the points of maintenance.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Many ultrasonic humidifiers have a high design and a fashionable appearance and are characterized by their reasonable price. Another advantage is that there are many power-saving types that can save electricity bills.

The ultrasonic humidifier turns water into a white mist and discharges it by high-speed vibration. At first glance, it looks like steam, but it is not heated.

Therefore, if the water contains mold or germs, it may be released as it is without being sterilized. It is the easiest to get dirty compared to other types, so clean it once a week as a guide.

Remove removable parts such as filters and trays, scrape off dirt with a sponge or toothbrush, and wash with running water. If excess water remains, it can cause mold and germs, so wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth at the end.

Change the water in the tank daily to avoid replenishment. It is even more hygienic if you put a small amount of water in the tank, close the lid, shake it, throw it away, and then add new water.

Evaporative humidifier


The vaporization type humidifier is a type that humidifies by blowing air on a moistened filter. Since the outlet does not get hot, it can be used safely in homes with small children and has low power consumption.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for use in a large room due to its weak humidifying power.

The vaporization type humidifier is also a type that does not heat like the ultrasonic humidifier. Therefore, if you do not clean the filter frequently, germs will easily grow. Many manufacturers use antibacterial filters to extend the maintenance period, but follow the cleaning cycle recommended in the manual. On average, the filter and tray should be cleaned about once a month.

Rinse the humidifying filter with water, attach it for immediate use, and allow it to dry if not used for a while. If you feel an unpleasant odor, use citric acid to soak it in the method introduced above to remove any dirt before washing. Rinse the tray with water and clean it with a sponge or an old toothbrush.

Due to the mechanism of blowing air, the filter attached to the suction port is a place where dust easily collects, so clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Change the water in the tank daily. At that time, put a small amount of water in the tank, close the lid, and shake it.


Steam humidifier

A steam humidifier is a type that boils water to produce steam. Therefore, even if the water in the tank contains germs, it will be sterilized by boiling.

Steam humidifiers are suitable for families with delicate small children and the elderly, as they are easy to maintain hygiene just by using them normally.

However, be careful not to get burned because the outlet gets hot. If you have small children or pets, devise a place to put them. It is a steam humidifier that is the least susceptible to mold and odor, but it should be noted that scale is likely to crystallize where water evaporates.

If you skip cleaning for a long period of time, it will be difficult to remove the dirt due to the accumulation of water stains. Citric acid is effective in removing scale.

If it is very dirty, leave it for 1 to 3 hours and wait for it to neutralize. It is easier to remove dirt when brushing with a sponge or toothbrush.

At the end, wash it with water and wipe it with a soft cloth. If citric acid remains, the parts of the humidifier may be damaged. If it’s not very dirty, you can just clean it normally. Although steam humidifiers have a low risk of germ growth, like other humidifiers, the water in the tank is basically changed daily. Also, when replacing, close the lid and shake it.


Hybrid humidifier

The hybrid humidifier is a combination of the types of humidifiers described so far, and there are the following two types. The “vaporization type x steam type” type applies warm air to a moistened filter to compensate for the weakness of the vaporization type, which has low humidifying power.

However, the disadvantage is that the electricity bill will be higher due to the warm air. The “ultrasonic x steam” type warms the water and then vibrates it with ultrasonic waves to emit mist.

This also has the disadvantage that the humidifying power increases as it is heated, but the power consumption also increases. Many hybrid humidifiers tend to use antibacterial filters and products designed to sterilize the water in the tank by heating. If you want to reduce the frequency of cleaning, you may want to look for a hybrid type.

Models that can be used without changing the water in the tank for about a week are also on sale. In addition, there are products that detect the maintenance time and notify you by lighting the LED. The guideline for cleaning the hybrid humidifier is about once a week. Remove the air intake cover and filter, wash with water, and allow it to dry completely before resetting. Use a sponge or toothbrush to remove dirt from the tray.

Also, if the tank is not special, change the water every day and shake it.


Easy to clean, smart humidifier is also recommended

When home appliances are connected to the Internet, life will change smarter. Various smart appliances are popular, but do you know the + Style smart humidifier?

In addition to being able to operate multi-remote controls including other home appliances via the smartphone app, remote control from outside and cooperation with other smart devices are also possible.

Simple design that blends into the interior

The + Style smart humidifier uses an ultrasonic type. Taking advantage of the ultrasonic type that can make parts smaller, we have realized a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand.

The simple design of the + Style smart humidifier will fit into any room interior. It can be installed anywhere and is easy to carry around in the house. In addition, although it is palm-sized, the tank has a large capacity of 400 ml. You can also adjust the amount and direction of the mist.


You can enjoy the scent and the light at the same time

The + Style smart humidifier can also be enjoyed as an aroma diffuser. It’s easy to use, just drop an appropriate amount of your favorite aroma in the tank.

Humidifiers other than ultrasonic type will lose the scent, but with the + Style smart humidifier, you can add a hint of your favorite aroma. In addition, it is equipped with an RGB LED, and more than 20 colors can be adjusted steplessly. How about changing the color according to the interior and mood or using it as low-light lighting for sleeping?

Easy operation with smartphone or voice

The smartphone app “+ Style” is available for the + Style smart humidifier. With this, you can perform operations such as turning the power on / off, dimming/coloring the LED, and registering the schedule timer (multiple registrations can be made in 1-minute units). Did you know that in winter when the humidity is low, turning on the air conditioner immediately after returning home will cause the room to dry rapidly?

The + Style smart humidifier is convenient because you can humidify it with your smartphone even before you arrive at home. It can be used to prevent dry skin and prevent viruses. In addition, it also supports Alexa and Google Assistant, and voice operation is possible when it is troublesome to move or when you can not take your hands off.

You can realize your favorite smartness

The unique feature of + Style is that not only smart humidifiers but also original smart devices compatible with the smartphone app “+ Style” can be centrally managed and linked.

For example, you can change your life more conveniently by turning on / off the smart humidifier in conjunction with the door sensor.

+ Style Original smart devices include lighting, robot vacuums, security cameras, and various sensors. In addition, if you purchase an optional smart home appliance remote controller, you will be able to collectively operate and link general air conditioners.



There are four types of humidifiers, ultrasonic type, vaporization type, steam type, and hybrid type, each with different characteristics. Choose the one that best suits your room and usage. We also recommend the + Style smart humidifier, which can change your life conveniently and comfortably. You can check the smart home appliances that are being developed with + Style from here.



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