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Top edge AI company 2022, boasting the world’s best technology!

Table of Content

  • About Idein Inc.
    • Company overview
    • Vision
    • History
  • Business contents of Idein Co., Ltd.
    • Actcast
  • Features of Idein Inc.
    • Flexible response from proposal to introduction and operation
    • Proven track record in Japan and overseas
  • Latest trends of Idein Inc.
  • Recruitment information of Idein Inc.
    • Recruitment type
    • Application overview
  • Lastly

About Idein Inc.

Company overview

company name Idein Co., Ltd. (Read: Idein)
Established April 7, 2015
location 1-4-13 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
representative Koichi Nakamura
number of employees 62 (2022/2)
capital 2,867 million yen (2021/9)



“Creating a softwareized world with latest AI”

Idein Co., Ltd.’s mission is to “make it possible to handle all kinds of information in the real world with software”, and implement a system that allows software to operate everywhere, link with each other, and easily handle the enormous amount of information that is generated. We aim to


April 2015 Established Idein Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Capital: 3 million yen)
January 2017 Relocated head office (inside Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
July 2017 Raised a total of 180 million yen
January 2018 Relocated head office (inside Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
March 2018 Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
November 2018 Support program for fostering start-up companies promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustrySelected as a J-Startup company by “J-Startup”
December 2018 Released alpha version of AI/IoT platform service Actcast
March 2019 Relocated head office (inside Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
July 2019 Beta version of Actcast released
September 2019 Raised funds totaling 830 million yen
December 2019 Actcast Wins Grand Prix at ET/ IoT Technology 2019
January 2020 Official version of Actcast released
June 2020 Joined the Arm AI Partner Program of Arm Limited in the UKJoin as a certified partner
October 2020 Raised funds totaling 2 billion yenwith ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation and Sojitz Corporation

Concluded a capital and business alliance agreement

December 2020 Joined 100 Actcast Partners
July 2021 2021 Japan-US Innovation AwardsAwarded “Innovation Showcase”
December 2021 Relocated head office (inside Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


Business contents of Idein Co., Ltd.


“Actcast” is Japan’s largest edge AI platform that collects and utilizes real-world data using image and audio analysis technology.

Edge AI is a technology that incorporates AI into cameras, which are devices that acquire information in the real world, and edge computers, which are various sensors, and not only processes and analyzes information, but also learns and makes inferences.

 As a result, it is possible to achieve “ultra-low latency”, and it is also a useful technology from the viewpoint of privacy protection and reducing the risk of confidential information leakage.

Actcast’s features are “Idein’s unique high-speed technology” that raises the processing capacity of inexpensive edge devices, and “reduction of installation and operation costs” through the core function of remote batch management.

As for the introduction cost, Idein uses its own technology to create a palm-sized computer with low processing power called “Raspberry Pi” without reducing the weight of an AI model that normally runs on a device that costs several hundred thousand yen. By using it, we made it possible to move it at a cheap price of a few thousand yen.

In terms of operating costs, normal edge AI needs to install a large number of edge devices in order to acquire a large amount of various real-world information over a wide range. and regular maintenance will occur, so the human cost will increase in proportion to the scale. 

On the other hand, “Actcast” remotely manages a large number of devices collectively, has a remote monitoring function, and can update software remotely. Therefore, there is no need to go to the location where the device is installed to check the device status or update the AI ​​application, which can significantly reduce personnel costs.

In addition, Actcast is also very attractive because it can operate various AI functions on one platform. In most cases, general edge AI projects end with the development and introduction of a learning model or application, but with Actcast, we can provide various AI functions as an application according to the customer’s problem, and remotely You can flexibly update and replace apps.

[Example of AI function]

  • People count: AI camera automatically counts the number of people captured by the camera
  • Digital signage: Analyze customer attributes and measure signage viewership using AI cameras
  • Conversation Analysis (Speaker Separation): Separating customer staff conversations using AI microphones and converting them into text
  • Congestion status grasping: Congestion status in stores and facilities is grasped by AI cameras
  • Personal attribute analysis: Analysis of customer attributes such as gender and age using AI cameras

Features of Idein Inc.

Flexible response from proposal to introduction and operation

Idein aims not only to develop AI models, but also to get close to customers and solve problems together through total support including consulting at the initial stage.

 We have a track record in various industries and situations, so we can flexibly respond to detailed requests such as “I want to ask only for DX project consulting” and “I want to ask for commissioned development.”

Proven track record in Japan and overseas

As a company and as a product called Actcast, Idein has received various awards and commendations both in Japan and overseas. Currently, there are only 35 Arm certified partners in the world, NVIDIA partners, and J-Startup of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Selected, ET & IoT Technology 2019 Grand Prix Winner, Weekly Toyo Keizai 100 Amazing Venture Selection, etc.

Latest trends of Idein Inc.


Actcast will exceed 15,000 registered units in April 2022, and the number is expected to increase further in the future, but there are examples of implementation in companies in various industries.

Recently, we have started selling the AI ​​application “Meter Reader”, which automatically reads the large number of analog meters installed at manufacturing sites such as Kyocera Communication System factories, on the “Actcast” marketplace.

In addition, a demonstration experiment using the AI ​​camera of “Actcast” will start from June 30 at “JRE MALL Meet”, an online customer service store in “Ekitabi Market (Omiya Station)” operated by JR East. We provide “Actcast” according to the challenges and needs of companies.

Recruitment information of Idein Inc.

Currently, Idein Co., Ltd. is hiring for the following industries and occupations.

Recruitment type

  • machine learning engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer Engineering Manager
  • Application development engineer
  • Device operations engineer
  • human resources
  • accounting

Application overview

Test period

6 months after joining the company


  • Social insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Welfare pension insurance
  • Industrial accident insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Leased company housing system
  • defined contribution pension plan
  • Remote work allowance system


  • Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays, days specified in the annual holiday calendar, and other days specified by the company
  • In addition to annual paid vacation, there are summer and winter vacations, sick leave, and congratulatory or condolence leave.

Application method

If you are interested, please contact with your resume and other information that shows your achievements (including github account for engineers).*We do not accept emails from human resource brokerage companies. We only accept emails from individuals who are interested in working at Idein Inc.


This time, I introduced “Idein Co., Ltd.”

In the area of ​​edge AI, Idein has been able to significantly reduce the cost of introduction and operation, which has been an issue for edge AI, with its overwhelming technological capabilities. “Actcast” is increasing the number of registrations with great momentum, and we will keep an eye on it in the future.

In The Players series, I write articles focused on AI-related companies. By comparing various AI companies, we may be able to see the laws of successful AI-related companies.



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