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Electronic work kits for smart toys, etc. IoT goods that make children crazy

IoT goods are not just for adults. We have a large lineup of products such as smart toys that stimulate the curiosity of children and educational materials that are useful for programming education.

This time, let’s introduce IoT goods for children in time for “Children’s Day” on May 5th. There are many products that you can’t miss, such as electronic work kits that are perfect for STEM education, transformation battle drones, and app-linked board games.

▼ Target age is from 6 years old

Programming education that will be compulsory in elementary school from 2020. In preparation for that, even if you try to get your child to study programming from a young age, it will not work as well as math and English.

Let’s introduce “[Makeblock] Neuron Inventor Kit” to such parents who can acquire programming knowledge while playing.

This is an electronic work kit that includes 8 types of blocks with different functions such as “make sound”, “shine”, “detect vibration”, and “supply power”. It is a product that can make various toys by combining each block.

If you set the attached paper craft to the combined block, you can play with the “tail swing cat” that makes you happy by shaking the tail when you stroke it, and the “electronic guitar” that makes a sound when you touch it.

In addition, you can program each block as you like with a compatible application such as “Neuron” that can be operated intuitively. You can use the app without any special knowledge.

▼ Hobby drone that tickles children’s hearts

+ Style sells various drones. We have “PXY SMART” which is most suitable for getting started with drones, “LIVE CAM DRONE” which can be assembled like a plastic model, and “Airblock” which can program movements.

Among them, the drone with a strong hobby element is probably “Petrone”. A big feature is that you can enjoy a competitive game using two or more aircraft. You can perform a battle of shooting lasers on the application screen.

It is also attractive that you can customize it to a drone that supports aerial photography and a radio-controlled car that runs on the ground by installing accessories sold separately. “Battle” & “Transformation”, “Petrone” is full of exciting elements! Please check it out along with other drones.

▼ Deploy troops so that the enemy does not notice!

Finally, “CODE HORIZON” is a two-player battle board game linked with a dedicated app.

Players aim to destroy enemies by deploying three autonomous mobile robots “Valkyrie Rover (VRO)” and a virtual infantry unit “Mercinary” on the app in the field.

When “VRO”, which reads the surrounding situation by radar, discovers an invisible “merchany” unit … Send a report to the player’s smartphone.

Deploy “merchany” units unnoticed to achieve victory conditions such as “disable all VROs of enemy players”.


Each product page introduces the design and how to play in detail. If you have any IoT goods that interest you, please check them out.

In addition, 4 types of drones and
2 types of educational materials. Lots of things.



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