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Elegant design & high quality sound. 3 recommended ruarkaudio audio models

Do you know the British “ruarkaudio”? This is an audio brand that is highly evaluated for its high design and excellent sound performance. Since its founding in 1985, it has been loved by many music fans, especially in Europe.

The brand made its first foray into Japan in March 2018. + Style is also selling ruarkaudio audio. We are developing 5 models that have beautiful designs using natural wood and allow you to enjoy listening to music wirelessly. Here are three products that we especially recommend.

▼ High sound quality even with Bluetooth (R) connection

“R2 Mk3” is a wireless music system that allows you to easily enjoy streaming playback via Bluetooth (R) or Wi-Fi connection. The full-range speaker unit which reproduces the sound range of an audible band naturally is carried.

The point of interest is that it uses “aptX technology” that realizes high-quality sound even with a Bluetooth (R) connection. You will be able to enjoy sound sources such as smartphones with the same quality as wired connection and CD playback.

Another major feature is that you can use the digital music distribution service “Spotify” directly from the main unit (a separate contract with Spotify is required). If you connect a USB memory or USB hard disk to the USB input terminal on the back of the main unit, you can play various sound sources such as MP3 / FLAC / WAV / AAC files.

The product colors are walnut / soft white / soft black.

▼ Achieve high quality sound while being compact!

Living / bedroom / kitchen etc. “R1 Mk3” is a Bluetooth (R) speaker with a compact design that fits in any space.

The main body is equipped with a uniquely designed full-range speaker unit and an AB class analog amplifier. You can enjoy clear and natural sound in spite of its small size.

It has an external input terminal on the back panel and can be connected to other audio devices. It also supports FM radio reception.

The product colors are walnut / soft white / soft black.

▼ Can be connected to various peripheral devices

The last “MR1 Mk2” is a Bluetooth (R) speaker that also supports analog / digital input. In order to express a natural and rich sound, it is equipped with a uniquely designed speaker unit and an AB class high-fidelity analog amplifier.

Also, like the “R2 Mk3”, “aptX technology” is adopted. You can listen to music with high sound quality while connecting via Bluetooth (R). If you want to further enhance the bass, connect the subwoofer with the “SUB-OUT terminal” on the back of the main unit.

Don’t miss the product design that is particular about the fine finish, such as using British fabric material for the speaker grill (cover). You can choose from two colors, walnut and soft gray.


So far, we have introduced three models of ruarkaudio audio. In addition, + Style is also selling the “R7 Mk3”, which has the motif of a console-type stereo from the 1950s, and the “R4 Mk3”, which can also play CDs. Please check it out along with the products featured this time.



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