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Excellent effect with immediate smart homes and lighting fixtures (ceiling lights, light bulbs, fluorescent lights)!

Your room is an important space for your daily life. But isn’t it just a space to put furniture and sleep and eat? By making rooms smart homes using smart home appliances, you can improve the quality of life and increase the way you enjoy yourself. The easiest, cheapest, and easiest way to incorporate smart appliances is to make lighting fixtures smarter.

Smart appliances and smart life expected in the future

For example, a scene where a refrigerator can be used as a smart home appliance. If you know the contents of the refrigerator even when you are out, you may be able to minimize food waste due to forgetting to buy or overbuying. A smart home aims for such a life. And it is smart home appliances that support it.

What is a smart life using smart home appliances?

I would like to give an example of what a smart life with smart home appliances is like.

  • Automation: Lighting is turned on in a smart life using smart home appliances at the same time as returning home, and the air conditioner is switched on shortly before returning home.
  • Labor saving: In a smart life using smart home appliances, the electricity, lighting, and air conditioner in an empty room are turned off.
  • Safety: In a smart life using smart home appliances, you can watch the room while you are out.
  • Support: Smart home appliances such as smart speakers that support human behavior and thinking.
  • Informatization: Information can be freely shared between home and work or on the go by using smart home appliances, and it is possible to manage work at home and home at work.

This is just one example, but in the future, it can be expected that smart life using smart home appliances will become more convenient and safer, and our lives using smart home appliances will be enriched. It is.

Aims for a smart life using smart home appliances

Eliminating waste in your life will save you money and time. You can get a sense of security by improving the security of your home by making it smarter using smart home appliances. If air conditioning and lighting are replaced with smart appliances and managed optimally, it will have a positive effect on health. If information can be obtained without operating the screen of a personal computer, there will be more room for tomorrow’s life and business. That is the goal of a smart life that utilizes smart home appliances.

Targets for smart home appliances that utilize smart home appliances that can be done immediately, in fact, lighting fixtures

The easiest way to make smart appliances use smart appliances is to make lighting fixtures smarter. Let’s take a look at an example of what kind of effect lighting can have by making it a smart home appliance.

Recognizing the importance of lighting for smart home appliances

Lighting is where you want to control the amount of light firmly and appropriately for “eye health”. Also, in a dimly lit room, it may take some time to find something, and conversely, if the light is too bright, the sympathetic nerves may not calm down even before going to bed. .. Lighting has a surprisingly large impact on the quality of life.

When you want to relax in the room or watch a movie, you want a calm tone of lighting. Even when people gather, you can expect a staging effect if the lighting is a smart home appliance that can control the brightness and color tone for that purpose. To calm down before going to bed, you can use smart home appliances to make the light soft and easy on the eyes. It can be said that lighting also affects the movement of the minds of the people who live in the room.

How is the lighting in your room now? Isn’t the lighting as it was when you moved in or the lighting as it was installed when you built a new building? Occasionally, when you are conscious of lighting, it may be when the fluorescent lights or light bulbs burn out, or when you clean the area around the lights at the end of the year.

And in the case of lighting that has not been converted into smart home appliances, in daily life there will be waste such as leaving the room with the lighting in the room on or sleeping until morning without turning it off. Of course, forgetting to turn off the lights will affect your monthly electricity bill. When you think about it, turning the switch on and off when you go to bed or when you wake up is a really troublesome task, but if it’s lighting that isn’t a smart home appliance, don’t you give up?

Easy way to make lighting smart appliances and smart

Nowadays, among most household appliances, smart appliances are becoming smarter, and in fact, lighting fixtures are becoming smarter. By turning lighting into smart home appliances, you can turn lighting on and off with your smartphone by connecting lighting equipment to a smart plug that can be controlled by your smartphone and application. However, this method limits the lighting to stand-like lighting.

Therefore, smart lighting in smart home appliances, which is currently the mainstream, is a type of lighting that operates ceiling lights, etc. via a repeater called Hub, and light bulbs and fluorescent lights in sockets without even using it. It is a type of lighting that directly controls. It is a smart home appliance that enables effective use and production of light by not only remote on / off but also various automatic settings, such as ceiling lights on the ceiling of a room, using only a Wi-Fi environment and a smartphone.

In addition to these, some lighting has become smart appliances such as bedroom stands and work desk lights.

Smartening effects and applications of home lighting

Then, when you actually change the lighting. Let’s see what kind of lifestyle changes will occur by using smart lighting equipment, which is representative of smart home appliances.

Lighting function smart lighting can be used as a smart home appliance

The biggest features of smart lighting are that you can adjust the amount and color of the lighting as you like and that you can control the lighting from your smartphone and application.

  • Lighting for smart home appliances can be adjusted by changing the intensity of the light with an LED light source or changing the color of the lighting to white or daylight.
  • With lighting for smart home appliances, in addition to turning on and off by operating from a smartphone, it is possible to set the lighting timer, set it at a specific time zone, day of the week, etc., and operate it from the outdoors.
  • Lighting for smart home appliances can be operated by voice in cooperation with smart speakers.
  • By linking the lighting of smart home appliances with the sensor, the lighting can be turned on and off just by people coming and going.
  • For lighting that is smart home appliances, it is possible to leave a record of lighting usage on a smartphone and use it as an information source for saving electricity.

In this way, you can understand that the lighting of smart home appliances has functions that are quite different from those of conventional lighting equipment.

The lighting of smart home appliances that spreads according to ideas, smart lighting effect

We hope that you understand that the lighting functions of smart home appliances are abundant. So what are the lighting applications and effects?

  • By becoming a smart home appliance, it is possible to adjust the color and intensity of lighting suitable for watching TV, reading books, operating PCs and smartphones, and eating.
  • Using the lighting of smart home appliances, the production of light at home party time and relaxing time.
  • A memorandum function unique to smart home appliance lighting, such as notifying important promises with the color of light.
  • Improved convenience as a smart home appliance for turning on and off when falling asleep and waking up.
  • Wake up by turning on the lights of smart home appliances along with the alarm clock.
  • Lighting which is a smart home appliance when entering and exiting the room also has an energy-saving effect by turning the lighting on and off and preventing forgetting to turn off the children’s room.
  • By using lighting that is smart home appliances, you can turn it on and off from outside for peace of mind and crime prevention.
  • Formulation of power saving plans from the usage records of lighting on these smartphones.

These are just examples, and the usage of lighting for smart home appliances depends on the idea. By trying various things, it should be fun to discover your own way of getting tired while comparing with conventional lighting.

Introduction of smart home appliances, first from smart lighting

It is very easy to incorporate smart home appliances. In addition to changing fluorescent lights to LEDs, you can consider introducing smart light bulbs, smart ceiling lights, etc. You can also try lighting with a smart light from the bedside lamp in your bedroom. Imagine when the lighting fixtures in your room were once replaced by smart appliances and made smarter.


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