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Experience realized by Nreal as soon as possible!


Nreal is an MR (Mixed Reality) device developed by nreal in China. The glasses-shaped device has four built-in cameras that allow you to recognize the real space and see digital objects and information as if you were in front of you.

After going through the Korona-ka, a new customer experience is required. EC, which allows customers to purchase products without going to a physical store, is becoming more widespread, and the customer experience on EC sites is improving steadily. It means that you can have a more realistic customer experience on the site.


The customer experience using the MR device introduced this time is a tool that mixes reality and digital to create an unprecedented customer experience. Services using these devices are expected to become more widespread in the future.

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What is Nreal?

I tried to experience the future customer experience with Nreal

Other scenes where this technology can be used
・Apparel sales
・Mercari-like search
・House construction


What is Nreal?

Nreal is an MR (Mixed Reality) device developed by nreal in China. The glasses-shaped device has four built-in cameras that allow you to recognize the real space and see digital objects and information as if you were in front of you.

With the spread of 5G radio waves, these XR services and technologies are growing, and we will establish a Japanese corporation in 2020, aiming to spread MR services together with mobile phone carriers.

Tech firm is also one of the technologies we are focusing on, such as conducting demonstration experiments with various customers regarding 5G technology.
There are many cases where such a head-mounted display is used by connecting it to a smartphone, and it is said that it is compatible with 5G, so we plan to further develop services.

I tried to experience the future customer experience with Nreal

Tech firm has built a system that allows digital furniture to be placed in the MR space. It’s a wonderful system that allows you to serve customers as if you were in a furniture showroom while you are at home. This time, under the setting that we are considering new furniture, we tried putting plants and sofas at our entrance.

Connect your smartphone to Nreal and operate it using your device.

First of all, I put a plant

Here is the feeling of actually wearing it. The


glasses and masks make me feel quite suspicious, but I proceeded in this state. And there is another staff member who will serve customers, and they will advise while checking my movement of me (customer side), the field of vision I see, the location of the things I put, etc. on my PC.

By the way, the field of view looks like this.


At this point, the digital menu is already mixed into the real space.

A beam-like cursor appears in the direction of the smartphone connected to Nreal, and you can use it to operate digital menus. It’s a little hard to see, but when I click on the word “product”, …


There will be products that can be selected in this way. Now you can see chairs, plants, and sofas. If you click each item and drag and drop it in the same way as on a computer, the image will look like it was placed in a realistic space. Let’s put the plants right away! !!

I put it in a place that doesn’t get in the way like this. Of course, it is also possible to correct the position after placing it. And what I’m curious about here is the girl in the back (laughs)

You can serve customers from a remote location! A truly new customer experience

As I explained at the beginning, there is another person who recognizes the same space from the PC. The role is to be in charge of customer service. Nreal has a built-in microphone that allows you to talk remotely.
As you can see from the video that follows, why not put it around here? He made a suggestion. (I’m sorry I didn’t have the audio)

The new customer experience is that you can share the same space and shop while communicating, even if you are in such a remote location.

In this specification, it was an anime-style girl, but it is possible to make the person in charge of customer service a 3D model and feel as if you are in the same space.

Try installing a sofa

Next, I will put a sofa at the reception. When I selected the sofa from the menu as the previous plant and dragged and dropped it,

I somehow understood it before I put it, but it seems that it was too big for the reception space. It is also possible to check the realistic size, so if you buy it, it will not fit in the room.

This time, I tried arranging plants and sofas at the entrance. Ueki is good, but I don’t buy a sofa (laughs)

In the past, furniture maker IKEA used an AR app that used a smartphone to place furniture in a room, but it was a world through smartphones.

The Nreal introduced this time is a glasses-type device, so the reality is greatly improved. Another big difference is that the customer service side can recognize the same space and give advice while talking.

In the future, if 3D model technology improves, it is expected that the accuracy of materials and colors will increase, so the sense of realism will further increase. With these devices, you can have a customer experience that goes beyond going to the store, without actually going to the store.

Other scenes where this technology can be used

This time it was set to purchase furniture, but such MR technology is expected to be used in other scenes as well. Here, we will introduce some typical ones.

Apparel sales

With the service “PORTAL with Nreal”, you can experience turning your home into a shopping space using Nreal.

The 3D modeled mannequin can be viewed from various angles. Recently, the number of scenes where 3D models are used in EC has increased, but it is these Mrs that make it look as if it is in front of you through the device, not on the screen of a PC or smartphone. The strength of the device. In particular, brands with their worldview will be able to provide an experience that will allow them to be more immersed in their world.

Mercari Similar Search

MR technology mixes the real world with the digital world. It is possible to make objects in the digital world look like the real world, and vice versa.

This service is a typical example, and it is a service that allows you to search for what you see in Mercari. When you think “I want the same thing as this!”, You can easily buy it just by tapping it.

Home architecture

Although no specific service has appeared yet, MR devices are likely to play an active role in the process of building a house.

The construction of a house involves multiple people, including the client, the person in charge of design, the person in charge of electricity, and the person in charge of interior decoration. At present, we gather at the site and discuss what kind of specifications to make, but if you use MR devices, it will be possible for one person to be at the site and other people to participate from a remote location. ..

In Korona-ka, there were many cases in which the construction of the house was significantly delayed due to the inability to meet on-site. Also, from the perspective of reducing the working population, being able to work beyond distance is a great advantage.


What did you think? After Korona-ka, I think that video calls have become commonplace for everyone. In other words, it is becoming commonplace to communicate with others and receive services without worrying about physical distance.

Also, as Facebook recently changed its name to “Meta”, it is expected that such augmented reality and Metaverse services will increase further in the future.

At Tech firm, we will focus on research on such XR technologies as MR, and we would like to provide you with the most suitable solution. In addition, head-mounted displays are often used by connecting to smartphones and are said to be compatible with 5G. Currently, we plan to continue developing peripheral technologies such as 5G, such as conducting demonstration experiments with our customers. We are constantly studying whether these technologies can be applied to commerce and logistics, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

If you ever want to know about similar things, check out the Facebook page Maga Techs.



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