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Explain the mechanism of a convenient motion sensor! Where is it used at home?

The motion sensor is an item that makes our lives convenient, such as turning on and off the lights by detecting the movement of people and opening and closing automatic doors. Therefore, this time, we will explain the outline and mechanism of the motion sensor, and familiar devices equipped with the motion sensor. We will also introduce recommended products with motion sensors that are easy to incorporate into your life.

What is a motion sensor that plays an active role in lighting and automatic doors?

A motion sensor is a sensor that senses and reacts to people. When a person approaches, the sensor reacts and automatically switches on electrical appliances and electronic devices, and turns off when a person moves away. There are many things that use motion sensors even in our immediate surroundings. Typical examples are automatic doors and escalators, automatic opening and closing of toilet lids, faucets and jet towels in hand-washing areas, lighting, and traffic lights. With a motion sensor, you don’t have to use your hands to open or close or press a switch. It automatically stops functioning when it is no longer needed after use, preventing you from forgetting to switch it off. In addition, it seems that there are many cases where lighting with a motion sensor is installed outside the entrance at home. Since it illuminates the surroundings brightly in response to the shadows on the premises, it is effective as a security measure for the safety of your feet and as a crime prevention measure when a suspicious person invades.

Mechanism and type of motion sensor

There are various types of sensors depending on the application, but here we will mainly explain the motion sensors that are widely used for home use. Many home appliances with motion sensors use infrared light. Infrared rays are used in electric kotatsu and remote controls, so many of you may have heard of them. People and objects emit electromagnetic waves called heat radiation in the first place. Thermography shows the surface temperature of the human body because it reacts to the infrared rays emitted by the human body. The higher the heat, the more infrared rays are emitted, so the red area on the screen increases. A motion sensor that uses infrared rays has a mechanism that senses and reacts to ambient heat. In other words, when a person approaches, a temperature change occurs, and the sensor reacts by detecting the slight temperature difference and sending an electrical signal. It reacts in the same way not only to humans but also to animals with high body temperatures such as dogs and cats. In addition to infrared rays, there are sound sensors that respond to sound, ultrasonic sensors that infer objects based on the sound response, and touch sensors that detect human static electricity. Sensors suitable for each device’s application are built in for convenience and power saving.

Mechanism and type of motion sensor

What is the distance that the motion sensor can detect?

Then, what is the distance that the motion sensor responds to? If the sensor responds to an excessively wide range, it will switch on even when it is not needed, making it rather difficult to use if the purpose is to save power. Since the detection range changes greatly depending on the temperature and environmental conditions, care must be taken in the installation location. For example, taking a + Style smart sensor as an example, the temperature operates between 0 and 40 ° C, the humidity operates between 20 and 80%, the specified detection range is about 8 m, and only the front of the sensor is about 1 m. The angle is about 120 degrees. In one example, at a room temperature of 20 ° C, the detection distance is about 5m. Since infrared rays respond to temperature changes, it may be difficult to detect on a hot day near body temperature.

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart sensor (human feeling)

What is the effect of the motion sensor on the human body?

All objects with heat, including the human body, emit infrared rays. There is a concern about health hazards if exposed to ultraviolet rays too much, but there is no concern about health hazards with infrared sensors. In the first place, infrared rays are not always emitted from devices incorporating motion sensors, but because it is a mechanism that detects temperature changes due to infrared rays, it is unlikely that it will affect the human body.

Advantages of motion sensor

Incorporating motion sensors into your home not only makes your life more convenient but also has many other benefits. Here, we will introduce the benefits of using a motion sensor.

It leads to power saving without forgetting to put it on or turn it off.

Lighting with a motion sensor detects heat when a person approaches and turns on the light, and turns off when the person moves away. There is also a type that automatically disappears after a certain period of time. Even if you are not always in a place such as a hallway, corridor, toilet, or closet, you can prevent forgetting to turn it off by installing a light with a motion sensor in a place where you want brightness when using it, and when you need it automatically. You can expect a power-saving effect because it lights only and then turns off. There is also an LED bulb with a motion sensor function, so it can be easily replaced. It does not consume much standby power, so it is recommended for households that often forget to turn off the lights or leave them on. You can easily use it as a home appliance with a motion sensor by installing an infrared sensor as a retrofit or using an integrated outlet with a built-in sensor, without having to replace the home appliance you are currently using.

No need to press the switch

The motion sensor automatically turns it on and off, eliminating the need to press a switch. For example, if you put a light with a sensor on the front door, you don’t have to fumble for a switch in the dark when you come back at night. Also, you don’t have to reach for the switch even if your hands are occupied by luggage. If you install a sensor light in the garage, it will turn on and off automatically when you enter or leave the garage, so it is very convenient that you do not have to get out of the car each time.

Active in security

It is also effective as a crime prevention measure to install a light with a motion sensor in a blind spot on the premises of the house or in a place where it is easy to invade. As soon as a suspicious person approaches you, the surroundings will brighten, so you won’t risk trying to break in.

By installing it together with a surveillance camera, it has the effect of deterring crime, and in the unlikely event, it is possible to record bright and clear images. By impressing the house with a high level of security awareness, it can be said that it is unlikely to be a target for burglaries and burglaries.


Accident prevention ・ Safe for families with children

Even if you wake up in the middle of the night to drink water or go to the bathroom, it will brighten immediately without touching the corridor, stairs, or toilet switch, so there is no danger of falling. Even in homes with children who are out of reach due to the high lighting switch, the lights turn on immediately in response to the movements of the children, giving you a sense of security.

Example of using a motion sensor

The motion sensors used around us are used in the following products. Introducing the outline of the product, the image of actual use, and the merits.

Entrance lighting / lights

LED bulbs with motion sensors for entrances, corridors, stairs, toilets, etc. are generally conical and attached to the bulb socket. You don’t have to fumble for the location of the switch even in the dark. If installed outdoors, it can also be used as a security measure. The brightness, the direction of insertion, and the detection direction of the sensor may be directly below or at an angle. Depending on the detection range, it may cause malfunction, so it is recommended to select the one that is suitable for the environment of the installation location.


A heater with a motion sensor will automatically turn on the power only when you want to use it. For example, if you have a small heater with a motion sensor in a place that does not need to be warmed all the time, such as a dressing room, washroom, or toilet, it will react quickly and warm up. In addition, since the switch is automatically turned off after use, you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off, you can prevent accidents, and you will not keep warming when there are no people, so you will not waste power.

Automatic door

Infrared sensors are also used in automatic doors, which are familiar to us in our daily lives. Previously, automatic doors were a system in which the door opened in response to stepping on the mat laid in front of the door. However, there are problems such as not responding when the weight is light and poor contact of the mat, and the infrared sensor was developed through various studies. After that, with the introduction of an infrared sensor, we succeeded in widening the detection range, and even light people and short children can open and close smoothly. It is thanks to the infrared motion sensor that the automatic door is as responsive as it is now.

What is a smart LED bulb equipped with a motion sensor?

Introducing convenient items that add smart functions to LED bulbs with motion sensors. Here, we will introduce the plus-style “smart LED bulbs (human feeling)” and “smart LED bulbs (RGB toning)”.

Equipped with a motion sensor on a smart LED bulb

The range of use of light bulbs that have the convenience of the above-mentioned light bulbs with motion sensors and also have smart functions will be further expanded. The smart function is a system that allows remote control by communicating with devices equipped with smart functions via Wi-Fi and using apps on smartphones and PCs. No remote control is required, and you can turn the light bulb on and off and adjust the brightness and color of the light bulb on your smartphone. You can also leave the lights on and off in the history of the app. Even if the motion sensor of the LED bulb responds, you can set the smartphone to notify you, so you can check the child’s return home from outside. If you have a smart function, you can turn on the lights of your house remotely, so you can use it as a security measure for your home when you are away. Click here for details on + Style ORIGINAL’s smart LED bulbs!

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulb (RGB toning) (2-year warranty for peace of mind)

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulb (human feeling) (2-year warranty for peace of mind)

There is also such a product in the motion sensor

Motion sensors can be used in various ways at home. In addition to lighting, there are other products equipped with motion sensors. Here, we will introduce a + Style “smart sensor” that watches over the safety of your family.

What is a smart sensor?

+ Style ORIGINAL’s “smart sensor (human feeling)” is a product that detects the movement of people and pets and notifies them to smartphones in real-time. If you install the dedicated application “+ Style application” that can be used on iPhone and Android and add a device, you can check the status of each installation location on the sensor screen. For example, when a movement in the room is detected, the mark on the screen lights up, indicating that a person or pet is moving. The sensor can be placed in a suitable position on the wall, floor, tabletop, etc., depending on where people or pets move. The power supply to the smart sensor is either a battery or a micro USB cable connection, and the main unit cannot be charged. However, the remaining battery level is displayed on the “+ Style app” screen, and you can check the timing of battery replacement, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Convenient points of smart sensors

The main purpose of using smart sensors is to be able to check indoor conditions on the go or from a distance. You can see the time when your child will come home, and you can check the state of your child who is answering and your pet indoors from outside. In addition, if sensors are installed in the living room or toilet for the purpose of watching over a family member far away, it is possible to confirm the safety without invading privacy even when contact is not possible. Click here for details on + Style ORIGINAL smart sensors (human feeling)


Motion sensors are installed in various things and are used conveniently. Some products are installed from the beginning, but it is also possible to add a motion sensor function later. There are also inexpensive products that are easy to introduce, so we recommend that you actively consider them.



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