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For everyone who works on the move! Battery safe goods

Today, work styles are becoming more and more flexible. In many occupations, more and more people are working “remotely, nomadically and mobilely”. In that case, the problem of life and death is the remaining battery power.

If your smartphone’s battery runs out, not only will you lose contact, but you won’t be able to access the internet from your laptop by tethering. Of course, if the battery of the laptop runs out, it will be “bricked”. In some cases, looking for a place where you can charge the battery, you can go back and forth. “Battery dead” is a great enemy for busy business people.

This time, I would like to introduce an excellent product that will reduce such worries smartly.

▼ Mobile battery integrated bag developed in collaboration with PORTER

First of all, we would like to introduce two products, “PORTER SLING SHOULDER BAG x Power Leaf” and “PORTER RUCK SACK x Power Leaf”, which are a collaboration between the popular bag brand “PORTER” and the thin and safe next-generation battery “Power Leaf”.

This product has both design and convenience, and the battery and back are “integrated” without any discomfort. Power can be supplied with the battery in the bag, and smartphones and tablets can be used smartly and smoothly even while power is being supplied. Also, since the battery can be charged without taking it out of the bag, there is no need to worry about “forgetting to put it in the bag and not using it when needed”.

Many people think that it looks heavy because it has a built-in battery. But don’t worry about it. Adopted the next-generation battery “ceramic battery” that realized high safety such as thinness that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you put it in a bag and there is no risk of ignition. It is easy to carry so that you don’t feel like you are carrying the battery.

There are two types of lineup: a handy sling shoulder bag that can store a tablet and a rucksack that can easily store a laptop (both have a battery capacity of 3,550mAh).

A rucksack is recommended for use in the business scene. An independent PC pocket is provided in the main compartment, and a pen holder and an open pocket are also provided. Items necessary for the business scene can be stored in an orderly manner.

▼ Charging station capable of high-speed charging

For those who say, “We have secured charging spots that we often use. There are a number of problems. There are too many things to charge.” We would like to introduce a charging station equipped with multiple ports. Its name is “One Adapter evri 80W USB Type-C Charging Station”. It is a USB charger equipped with 1 port of USB Type-C and 4 ports of USB Type-A.

The USB Type-C port supports the standard “USB Power Delivery 2.0” that enables large-capacity charging. It can supply up to 80W. In addition, all USB Type-A ports also support the high-speed charging standard “Quick Charge 3.0”. Since it can be charged at a higher voltage than usual, it can be charged in a short time if it is a compatible product. It also has the function of protecting against overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuit.

Recommended for those who carry a lot of devices that need to be charged at all times, such as smartphones for laptops, mobile game consoles for smart watches, etc., and those who charge quickly all at once.

How was it? Please realize a more flexible and energetic way of working with IoT goods that help mobile workers. In addition to the products introduced this time, the + Style site sells cutting-edge products that make life easier, so if you are interested, please check it out.



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