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FRONTEO Starts Joint Research with Tokyo Institute of Technology to Improve Efficiency!

FRONTEO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FRONTEO) has started joint research with the Cellular Engineering Research Center, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, to analyze disease structures and improve the efficiency of drug discovery target searches.


Research Summary

A research group led by Associate Professor Fumi Kano and Specially Appointed Professor Masayuki Murata of the same center is investigating quantitative changes in proteins in single cells and their qualitative and spatiotemporal changes in cell signal transduction, disease, and drug efficacy. We are developing a “PLOM-CON analysis method” that renames the cell state shown.

FRONTEO analysis

This analysis method calculates the feature quantity for each protein based on the quantity, quality, and localization information of proteins at the single cell level obtained from the big data of fluorescent antibody staining images of cells, and analyzes their temporal correlation. It visualizes a “covariation network” using strength and weakness as an index, and detects protein group information that is responsible for differences and changes in cell state from changes and differences in the network.

From this characteristic, it is possible to search for drug discovery targets by extracting target proteins of drugs whose effects in individuals are disturbed but whose target molecules are unknown, and to ultra-early characterization of diseased iPS cells and cells differentiated from iPS cells. It is expected to be utilized.

In addition, FRONTEO is developing AI drug discovery applications “*1Cascade Eye” and “LiGALILEO” that can comprehensively and non-biasly analyze the structural network of diseases and the scientific evaluation of compounds based on a large quantity of academic paper information using AI. I’m here.

In joint research, synergies between the Center’s *1 wet-based network analysis method and FRONTEO’s *2 dry-based network analysis AI technology will contribute to the efficiency and speed of drug discovery target searches. I plan to work on development.



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