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How to get a quote and estimate for system development with kintone?

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System Development with Kintone

In the present age when cloud services have become widespread, kintone is used by many companies as a tool that allows easy introduction of business systems.
Kintone is becoming more and more popular because it can be customized even after it is introduced and it is possible to flexibly develop a system tailored to the company.
This time, we will introduce the quotation and cost market when developing with kintone. If you are thinking about introducing kintone, please check it out.


table of contents

  • 1. What is kintone?
  • 2. You can create a cloud-based quotation management system with kintone.
  • 3. Benefits of customizing and developing kintone
  • 4. Cost market to develop with kintone
  • 5. How to choose a company to outsource development with kintone
  • 6. Use kintone to streamline your work

What is kintone?

Kintone is a “cloud service that allows you to easily create business applications” and is a tool provided by Cybozu, Inc. It is the choice of many companies because of its flexibility to accommodate all industries.


● A platform that can centrally manage internal operations

Kintone is a platform that can centrally manage everything from matter management to quotations. It is one of the business management applications of a company, and it is possible to further optimize the work environment by adding only the functions required by the company. It is possible to link with other systems and highly customize it, and the biggest attraction is that you can pursue ease of use for your company. As long as the internet environment is in place, it is a big advantage that you can access it from anywhere.

Since its launch in 2011, it has been introduced by various companies, and by 2020, more than 15,000 companies have introduced it. We can handle all kinds of business such as customer management, transportation expense application, lunch box ordering, seminar management, etc. As long as you have kintone, you don’t need to prepare multiple systems, and you can expect to improve work efficiency.


● What can you do with kintone?

There are many things you can do with kintone, such as creating apps, chatting, and creating communication tools.


Business application creation

With kintone, you can easily create business applications. You can create various business applications depending on the business content, such as daily reports, customer management, and sales management. There are methods such as creating using the sample application, reading CSV and Excel data, creating, selecting necessary items, and dragging and dropping. Ideally, when creating, choose a method that is easy for the worker to operate. None of them require programming or coding knowledge or skills, so even non-engineers can develop apps.


Data aggregation and viewing

Business applications created with kintone have a function that aggregates data such as dates and numerical values ​​and displays the aggregated results in graphs. Furthermore, it is also possible to output the aggregated results in CSV format. When creating a database, there is no need to use spreadsheet software like Excel.


Communication function

Kintone has a communication function called “space”. This can be used as a place for participating members to share information and contact. You can set up a thread according to the theme and connect it to the business application in kintone to exchange opinions and chat.


Information sharing

Since kintone is a cloud-based service, you can easily share and manage data and files as long as you have an internet environment. You don’t have to send and share information by email. Since it is easy to share information regardless of location, it will lead to the promotion of telework and efficiency of work.


Function customization

Kintone can customize the function to your liking by using the plug-in function. By loading CSS files and JavaScript data, you can add necessary functions and improve them to make them easier to use.

The basic information and functions of this Kintone are explained in detail in ” What is kintone? Introducing the service content and benefits of using it .”


You can create a cloud-based quotation management system with kintone

It’s not easy to find a quote management system that fits your company perfectly.

Generally, when using multiple systems, a contract for another cloud service is required. The use of multiple systems can be costly. However, with the kin tones quotation management system, it is possible to create a highly customizable quotation management system at a low cost and according to the budget. It is also possible to develop advanced estimation management systems such as linking with existing systems.


● Introducing what you can do with the estimate management system

The following functions can be incorporated into the quotation management system created using kintone.

  • Directly enter the quotation content in conjunction with the customer management app
  • Request for quotation approval from your boss
  • View the quote list
  • Graph the quotation contents for various items such as monthly and customer

It is also possible to add “sales data aggregation function for each matter, department, and customer” and “form output function” by linking with other systems and customizing.

Web Development

Benefits of customizing and developing kintone

Introducing the specific benefits of customizing and developing kintone.


● The range of utilization can be expanded and usability can be expected to improve.

By adding functions to the underlying system, you will be closer to a system that is more original and easier to use. By linking the data registered in the core system and Excel to kintone, and reflecting the ordering information registered on the smartphone in the sales management system, customized development after the introduction of kintone will greatly expand the range of utilization. It is. By customizing development, it is possible to implement functions that are not included in the standard equipment in the app, which leads to improved usability.


● Costs can be reduced by simplifying work

Creating or customizing a system from scratch can be costly and require a lot of development processes. Therefore, a lot of costs are spent on development. However, in the case of kintone, instead of creating a system from nothing, we will add the functions we want to the underlying system, so it will not take man-hours and as a result, we can reduce costs. .. The feature is that it is easy to introduce even for companies that want to keep costs down as much as possible.


● Optimal customization to suit your business

Packaged cloud services can be introduced easily and speedily, but it is difficult to customize them, so it may be difficult to optimally operate them according to your business flow. However, if you develop with kintone, you can flexibly customize it, so you can develop a system that matches your business flow.


● Can be linked with other systems and apps

By developing a system with kintone, you can easily and freely link with other systems and applications on the screen. Since necessary functions can be easily added by creating an application or linking the system, speedy system operation is possible. This can be expected to improve usability with a sense of speed, leading to improved work efficiency.


Cost market to develop with kintone

There are two types of kintone, the light plan, and the standard plan. The differences between the two plans are the number of apps, the number of spaces, and the presence or absence of extensions. According to the official site, the kintone rate plan is as follows. (As of July 2021)

Standard course: Monthly fee 1,500 yen / user (annual fee 17,640 yen / user)

Light course: 780 yen per month / user (9,170 yen per year / user)

Both have no initial cost. If you want to implement an extension function in kintone using API linkage or plugin, you can choose the standard plan. If you’re wondering which plan to choose, there’s a 30-day trial plan, so it’s a good idea to try it out before considering it. In addition, the cost will change depending on the scale of development. Let’s take a concrete look below.


● For small-scale development

In the case of basic customization such as “change menu items” and “add batch program”, it can be developed for about 300,000 yen. Developing everything from scratch and adding features tends to cost a lot even on a small scale. With kintone, which can develop only the necessary parts, it is possible to customize it to suit your company efficiently and at a low cost.


● When creating a new application

When using JavaScript or plug-ins, it often costs more than 1 million yen. For example, if you want to create a new application, it may cost about 5 million yen. If you outsource further development, you may find that the initial quoted price looks reasonable, but you may have to pay a lot of money for subsequent customization. At the meeting stage, check if there is an additional charge.


● Some companies offer customization on a monthly flat rate basis.

Pricing for kintone development varies by the system development company. Nowadays, some companies receive customization on a monthly flat rate basis. Various support systems are depending on the company, such as monthly support from development to after introduction. Instead of comparing only the development cost, let’s select a development company with a view to the subsequent operation. Some companies that are good at kintone development can customize it for a fixed amount of about 400,000 yen if it is within the range of standard functions.


How to choose a company to outsource development with kintone

If you can easily handle it with the kintone plugin, you can do it yourself. However, it may be difficult to design in-house for standard functions and extended functions related to kintone, as it may require some study. If you forcibly develop customized products in-house, there are many cases where you will fail, so outsourcing is often more advantageous in terms of time and cost.

From here, I will explain the points to avoid failure in selecting a company to outsource in system development with kintone.


● Find a company that has a track record of introduction

If full-scale development or customization is required, some expertise is required. In such a case, if there is no reliable system person in charge, smooth development will be difficult. If you want to develop kintone more reliably and speedily, it is recommended to find a company that has a track record of introduction in the past and outsource it. Select a company that has a proven track record of introduction, and find a company that can firmly grasp your needs.


● Utilize matching services

When looking for a development company that uses kintone, also consider using the matching service of the system company. It is especially recommended for those who are worried that “I want to outsource system development but I can’t find a subcontractor” or “I don’t know which company to outsource.”

The service that matches the client company and the development company provides a lot of information on development companies that specialize in various projects such as kintone development, application development, and web development. The ordering navigation concierge uses the development company’s expertise in order, such as its specialty and skill level, listens to the needs of the requesting side, and then performs matching without any deviation. If you are uncertain about the subcontractor for system development, please feel free to contact us.


Let’s streamline your work with kintone

This time, I explained the cost market of kintone and how to get a quote. Companies that are good at system development using Kintone are explained in detail on the following pages, so please refer to those who are considering development.

Centralized management of data with kintone will lead to more efficient work, such as effective use of data and smooth internal communication. The development cost is also relatively reasonable, and it is easy to use even for those who do not have developed technology. If you want to use kintone and are considering customization, consider outsourcing development and customization for better operation.

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