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Great for summer leisure! 3 Recommended IoT Goods

It’s finally July. Some of you may have plans for this summer, such as going out to the sea with your family or camping with your friends. Therefore, this time, we will introduce IoT goods that are active in summer leisure from the products sold at + Style.

We will pick up three things: a 360-degree camera that can record landscapes in all directions, an underwater drone that expands the enjoyment of marine leisure, and a waterproof smart watch. Please take a look at the article.

▼ Let’s leave summer memories with a 360 degree camera ♪

The “Insta360 ONE” introduced at the beginning is a 360-degree camera that can record landscapes in all directions. With a high resolution of 4K and 24 million pixels, you can shoot images and photos with high image quality.

You can use the product alone, but if you connect it to the Lightning connector of the iPhone, you can shoot while checking the display. In addition, you can instantly preview the photos and videos you take on your iPhone. Functions that support shooting, such as image stabilization with a 6-axis gyroscope and automatic focus of the subject, are also useful.

You can’t miss the compact size of 82g. It’s super lightweight so you can carry it without getting in the way. Why don’t you record your summer memories with “Insta360 ONE”? In addition, it is not waterproof, so please be careful when using it near the water.


▼ What is an underwater drone ??

Those who say “I love marine leisure!” Do you know “POWER RAY WIZARD (J)” for sale at + Style?

This is an underwater drone that can dive to a depth of 30m. Information such as water temperature / water depth / terrain will be notified via the app. Since it is equipped with a high-performance fish finder, you can also check if there are fish in the water. You can check the bottom of the sea before you enjoy fishing or scuba diving.

Since it is equipped with a 12-megapixel, 4K compatible camera, it can be used to record beautiful underwater scenes as photos and videos. If you are not good at diving in the sea, please use the included VR goggles. You can see the video taken by the drone in real time. Immersive videos will give you the experience of swimming in the ocean.


▼ It is safe even if it gets wet!

Finally, “Matrix PowerWatch X” is a smart watch that generates electricity at the user’s body temperature. Even after removing it, it operates with the stored power, so no charging is required. It is equipped with a function to measure the amount of exercise and sleep time, and a function to notify incoming calls.

One of the points of interest is the performance of “200m waterproof”. This means waterproof performance that can withstand 200m of water pressure. You can use it without worrying about getting wet even in the summer when you often go to the waterside such as the sea, river, and pool.

+ Style is also selling a 50m water resistant smart watch “MATRIX Power Watch”. Please check it out as well.

Each product page introduces the functions and specifications in detail. If you find IoT goods that interest you, please visit here as well.



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