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How about a gift for Father’s Day? IoT goods you want to give to your father

Carnation on Mother’s Day. So what is the gift for Father’s Day? There is no particular standard like this. Many people may be worried about what to give as a gift.

So this time, we picked up IoT goods that are perfect for Father’s Day gifts. Introducing a smartphone case that allows you to read e-books on the back of your iPhone, a Bluetooth (R) speaker with beautiful design and high sound quality, and a tracker for car keys.

Why don’t you give a highly practical gift and express your gratitude to your father? 

▼ Enjoy reading on the back of your iPhone

Why don’t you give “InkCase i7” as a gift to your father who loves reading?

This is a case for iPhone 7 with a 4.3 inch screen. Just by attaching it, the back of the iPhone becomes a second screen. With eBook support, you can use it as an ebook reader. You can easily enjoy reading on the train while commuting or during work breaks.

If you pair it with your iPhone via Bluetooth (R), you can always display the task list / calendar / clock. You can quickly check important things without having to start the iPhone.

+ Style is also selling “inkCase i7 Plus” for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus. Please purchase according to your iPhone.

▼ High quality & reasonable!

The “ZUS Car Key Finder” that I will introduce next is a Bluetooth (R) tracker that can be attached to a car key.

You can quickly identify the position of the key by playing the sound of the main unit from your smartphone. You don’t have to search around the house saying “I can’t find the key!”

If you are looking for a lost smartphone, please leave it to “ZUS Car Key Finder”. If you operate the main unit, you can make a sound from the paired smartphone.

While many trackers run on button batteries or built-in batteries, this product is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It can be used for up to 45 days on a single charge. While boasting such performance, I am happy with the reasonable price of 3,218 yen (tax included).


▼ For music lovers ♪

Finally, I would like to introduce the Bluetooth (R) speaker “R1 Mk3” from the British audio brand “ruarkaudio”.

A compact size that can be used in various places such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. And it is a product that features a calm design using natural wood.

The main body is equipped with a uniquely designed full-range speaker and AB class analog amplifier. You can enjoy a clear and natural sound while being compact. The “bass reflex port” that amplifies the bass provided on the bottom of the main unit makes it perfect for reproducing deep bass.

“R1 Mk3” can play sound sources such as smartphones via Bluetooth (R), and can also receive radio if a telescopic antenna is attached. In addition, there is an external input terminal on the back of the product, which can be connected to other audio devices. You can listen to music in various ways.

Please consider it as a gift for your father who likes listening to music.


The article linked below also introduces IoT goods that we would like to recommend for Father’s Day, such as smart watches and fitness equipment. If you are having trouble finding a gift, please see this article as well.>> Recommended for Father’s Day gifts! IoT goods that please your father



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