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How easy is it to operate an e-scooter?

An e-scooter equipped with an electric motor. It looks like you can ride it like a normal kick scooter, but what about it? This time, using Ninebot KickScooter ES2 as an example, we will introduce step by step what kind of operation you can ride.

The Ninebot KickScooter ES2 is the standard model in the KickScooter series. It can run at a maximum speed of about 25 km / h, and can run about 25 km with a charge of about 3.5 hours.


Step ① Turn on the power

To power the KickScooter ES2, just press the button in the center of the handle. Immediately, the LED display shows the running speed, battery level, Bluetooth connection status, riding mode, etc. For e-scooters other than the KickScooter ES2, the functionality is almost the same, even if there are some differences in the shape of the display.

Step ② Select the riding mode

Then set the riding mode on the display. The KickScooter ES2 has three modes:

  • No icon: Speed ​​limit mode (minimum power)
  • White “S” icon: Standard mode (medium power)
  • Red “S” icon: Sport mode (maximum power)

The mode can be switched in order by pressing the power button twice. If you want to run slowly but for a long time, select the speed limit mode, if you want to run at high speed, select the sport mode, etc. according to the remaining battery level and your preference.
You can switch between these modes in the same way on other models. Some have four riding modes to choose from.


Step ③ Check the accelerator and brake at hand

The KickScooter ES2 has an accelerator lever on the right-hand side of the steering wheel and a brake lever on the left-hand side. Press the accelerator lever to increase the speed, and press the brake lever to decelerate. This is the only basic operation, so anyone can operate it intuitively and easily.

In addition to the brake levers at hand, most e-scooters also have brakes on the front and rear wheels.
In addition, some e-scooters use a regenerative braking system to reuse part of the energy generated by braking.


Step ④ Run

Depending on the model of the e-scooter, it seems that there are some that can be started electrically from a stopped state, and some that can be operated electrically only after kicking out the board and accelerating.
The accelerator of KickScooter ES2 does not move when the speed is 3km / h or less. Therefore, first, speed up the board with your feet before starting the operation.
* Please do not forget to wear a helmet and protector before riding.


Step ⑤ Charge

As you may know, e-scooters can be charged from a household power source. Just plug in the dedicated charging cord, so it’s easy and hassle-free. The charging plug outlet of the e-scooter body is often attached to the bottom of the handle, but depending on the model, it may be attached to the side of the board part.
There is also a model (KickScooter Air T15) that has a dedicated stand as shown in the photo below. It gives the impression that the inside of the room is neat and tidy.

The e-scooter is a vehicle that anyone can easily enjoy because it can be operated intuitively with the left and right levers. It may be that you can feel a sense of unity with the scooter and feel freer to kick out and start running.



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