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how i caimprove communication with my boss


What are the tips for communicating with your boss and seniors? Improve communication between subordinates and bosses unraveling from behavioral psychology -Subordinates-

My boss is scared and it’s hard to talk to me.
My boss doesn’t look at me very much.
Are you having trouble communicating with your boss or seniors?
Behavioral psychology may have hints on how to solve that problem.

improve communication
improve communication

Behavioral psychology is a discipline that studies why people behave in such a way from their mental, emotional, and psychological states.
Regarding communication, there are many situations where behavioral psychology can be utilized, and it can also be applied to communication between subordinates and superiors.

In this article, I will use my experience to clarify the problems of subordinates in communication, unravel the solutions to the problems from the aspect of behavioral psychology, and explain specific communication tips.

Table of contents
  • The trouble of young employees
  • What should I do to improve communication with my boss?
    • Try to utilize the “mere exposure effect”-“Ask a question” and “Rely on your boss”-
    • Improvement points for subordinates Advanced edition- “Having strengths” and “Managing bosses”-
  • in conclusion

The trouble of young employees

When I work, I have a lot of troubles, but young employees often have trouble with their relationships.

In the White Paper on Children and Youth issued by the Cabinet Office in 2018, 71.4% of the respondents said that they were worried about whether their relationships at work would be successful. In addition, according to a survey conducted by the Mynavi student counter for the first to third years of working adults, the second most worrisome thing for young employees was that “human relations do not go well.” Specific answers included “I don’t know how to communicate with my seniors” and “It’s hard to get approval for my efforts.”
In this article, I will introduce “how to improve human beings with my boss” and what my subordinates can do to deal with such problems.

Please refer to this article if you want to solve the problems of your subordinates from your boss or seniors.

What should I do to improve communication with my boss?

Try to utilize the “mere exposure effect”-“Ask a question” and “Rely on your boss”-

If you are having trouble with your boss, we encourage you to actively communicate with yourself.
You may be worried about what to say, but it doesn’t matter what you say. Psychologically, increasing the number of times of communication rather than the content of communication tends to lead to intimate relationships.
Psychology calls this the “mere exposure effect”. The “mere exposure effect” makes you feel like you are acquainted with a clerk at a restaurant you often go to. People tend to become more intimate as they interact more often. First of all, it is important to actively communicate with your subordinates.

Of the communication that you make your boss, the following two communication methods are easy for your subordinates to take to your boss.

  1. Question
  2. Rely on your boss

I would like to explain each of them.

Communication that facilitates interaction-ask questions

The first type of communication that is easy for subordinates to communicate with their superiors is to ask their superiors questions.
Asking questions can increase your chances of talking to your boss.
Questions are especially easy for subordinates to communicate with, so it is recommended as an entrance to increase conversations with superiors. Asking questions does not have to be limited to the content of the work you are directly involved in.

  • Attitude to face work
  • Tips for living alone
  • How to spend lunch break

Let’s ask various things such as.

Asking questions will not only make you friends with your boss and seniors but will also give you useful information about new learning about work skills and living alone. Actively asking questions is a great communication technique that can be called two birds with one stone for young employees.

Communication preferred by bosses-rely on bosses

The second type of communication that is easy for subordinates to communicate with their superiors is to rely on their superiors.
Psychologically, people tend to like the person they ask for.

In psychology, this is called the “Franklin effect”. The “Franklin effect” makes me happy when my juniors rely on me in high school/university club activities and circles.

“Relying” on your boss or senior at work is very important communication.
For example:

  • Ask your boss to see the materials you made
  • Ask your boss to listen to your ideas
  • Ask your boss to help you with some of the difficult tasks

Relying on your boss is a win-win communication where you can increase the intimacy with your boss as a subordinate and understand the points that your subordinates are having trouble with as a boss.

Improvement points (advanced edition)-“Having strengths” and “Managing bosses”-

From here, I will explain the efforts of subordinates who have taken a step further in communication. It’s a little difficult, but it’s an effective initiative.
The following two points are the efforts.

  1. Have strengths
  2. Manage your boss

Efforts that utilize the halo effect “have strengths”

When people have strengths, it is easier for them to be trusted by others. This is because when one point is outstanding and excellent, people tend to look excellent in other areas as well.
Psychology calls this the “halo effect.” For example, the “halo effect” is when students with good grades become officers of the Student Organization when they are in high school. If you have good grades, other students and teachers will think that you can do proper student organization activities.
If you have one strength, your boss will be able to see not only that strength but also other parts.

Having one strength at work makes it easier for your boss to see the other parts as well.
It’s okay if you have a small strength, and if you’re a little good at it, it’s okay. For example:

  • Excel operation skill
  • PowerPoint creation skill
  • Minutes creation skills
  • Typing speed

Anything is fine, so having strengths makes it easier to gain the trust of your boss.

Efforts that utilize mirroring “to imitate the other party”

An effective method in parallel with “having strength” is “to imitate the other party”.
People unconsciously feel close to each other when they think they are similar to themselves.
Therefore, by intentionally imitating the behavior of the other person, you can make the other person feel a sense of intimacy.
This is a technique called “mirroring” in psychology.
The following are all mirroring techniques.

  • If the other person drinks during the conversation, drink this too.
  • If the other person laughs, this one will laugh too.
  • If the other person thinks about it, make a gesture to think about it as well.

By having subordinates imitate the movements of their bosses, it is possible to raise a sense of companionship toward their bosses’ subordinates.

in conclusion

In this article, I explained the problems of human relations of subordinates and explained the points for improving communication that subordinates can tackle.

  • Question
  • rely
  • Have strengths
  • To imitate

Now that Corona has reduced the number of attendances and opportunities for face-to-face conversations, why not try to improve your communication skills?

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