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How to choose a convenient ceiling light that is safe even if you live alone

Even if you live alone, you want to be particular about the brightness of the room while saving money. Whether you’re eating, watching a movie, or reading a book, the “lights” that suit different occasions will enrich your life. Ceiling lights are recommended there. Why don’t you choose one that pursues functionality while incorporating fashion?
This time, we will introduce how to choose a safe and convenient ceiling light that is recommended for living alone.

table of contents

Points on how to choose a
ceiling light [Ceiling light comparison point ①] Room size / brightness
[Notes on how to choose]
[Ceiling light comparison point ②] Type / design

Attractiveness of IoT-compatible ceiling lights
1. Switching on and off with a smartphonecan
be linked with smart speakers and TVs.

If you want to spend your time comfortably and comfortably, the IoT-compatible ceiling light is the best choice!

Points on how to choose a ceiling light

So when it comes to actually buying a ceiling light, what are the points of these two choices? Here, we will look at the types of LED ceiling lights and the size of the room.

[Ceiling light comparison point ①] Room size and brightness

Room size

Required brightness (unit: lumen)

~ 4.5 tatami


~ 6 tatami mats


~ 8 tatami mats


~ 10 tatami mats


~ 12 tatami mats


~ 14 tatami mats


Reference: The above brightness is required according to the size of the room according to the applicable tatami mat number display standard in the residential catalog of the Japan Lighting Industry Association . If you want to select only by brightness, you should use this table as a reference.

[Caution on how to choose]
LEDs are characterized by their high straightness, and depending on the installation location, the corners of the room may become dark. If you want to brighten the entire room, you need to consider the installation location or install two.

[Ceiling light comparison point (2)] Type / design

Type / design feature
Standard The most common type of disc type. If you want to make your room look cleaner, there is also a thin flat type.
Spotlight A type that attaches a bar to the ceiling and attaches 2 to 4 spotlights to it. Depending on the orientation of the shade, you can change the brightening location.
Japanese style It is a square type that can be installed in a Japanese-style room without any discomfort.
With fan A type in which a ceiling light and a fan are integrated. In addition to its high design, it can also be expected to function as a circulator.

Attractiveness of IoT-compatible ceiling lights

Ceiling lights have the image of a Western-style room such as the living room and dining room, but in reality they are not the only ones. Recently, there is also a type that matches the Japanese-style room, and you can use it properly depending on the type of room.
In particular, many LEDs have toning and dimming functions such as light bulb color, warm white, and neutral white, and can be adjusted according to time and mood. Therefore, instead of deciding the design of the ceiling light according to the room, it may be a good choice to choose a ceiling light that has “many choices of dimming colors” so that it can be applied to any room. I don’t.
So far, we have introduced the points of selection depending on the size, brightness, and type of room. On top of that, the most recommended ceiling light now is “IoT compatible”. There are two reasons for this.

1. You can switch on and off with your smartphone

Many IoT-compatible ceiling lights are linked to smartphone apps, and can be switched on and off from outside. It can be expected to be highly effective not only to prevent forgetting to turn it off, but also to prevent intruders when they are away.

2. Some can be linked with smart speakers and TVs.

Although I have a taste, music is one of the indispensable things for living alone.
In that respect, some ceiling lights that support IoT are linked to or installed with Bluetooth speakers.

IoT compatible ceiling light “+ Style LED ceiling light (PS-CEL-W01)”

An IoT-compatible ceiling light with various functions. Among them, “+ Style LED Ceiling Light (PS-CEL-W01)” is recommended.

[Recommended points and features]
-Switch on / off and dimming operation via smartphone (OK even on the go)
-Can be operated by voice from Google Home or Amazon Echo
-Operation linked with + Style’s own series products Possible
・ 6,500K (lunch white), brightness stepless dimming
・ 6 tatami mat compatible (3,200 lumens), ideal for private room use

Also, the price is 9,800 yen (over-the-counter selling price, tax included), which is cheaper than other companies’ products of the same type, which is one of the reasons why we recommend it.

If you want to live alone safely and comfortably, the IoT-compatible ceiling light is the best choice!

Fashionable lighting may have the image of a pendant light or floor light. But lately, there are many different types of ceiling lights. Therefore, depending on the choice, it is possible to produce a sufficiently fashionable light.
In addition, pendant lights and floor lights are used in bedrooms and dining rooms, and ceiling lights are useful even when you want to create a bright and open image in your living room. Furthermore, the IoT-compatible ceiling light “+ Style LED Ceiling Light (PS-CEL-W01)” introduced this time is full of charm.

・ It can be turned on and off even when you are away from home.
・ If you have a smart speaker, you can adjust the light by voice instructions.

With these functions,
you can expect to enhance your lifestyle, such as “you don’t have to go back to a pitch-black room because you can turn on the lights from outside” and “you can turn on the lights while cooking”.

If you are starting to live alone, why not consider a safe and convenient IoT-compatible ceiling light as an option.



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