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How to introduce sales DX | Introducing points and examples of successful sales DX

In recent years, due to the impact of the corona wreck, non-face-to-face sales are spreading due to the DX conversion of the sales organization.

However, I think that there are many people who do not understand the effects of DX conversion of sales, and many organizations say that even with DX conversion, only a part of their operations can be streamlined.

This time, we will introduce the effects of DX in sales, how to actually incorporate it, and sales DX cases.

Table of Contents

  • What is Sales DX
    • Recent trends in sales DX
  • Effects of sales DX
    • Improved productivity and efficiency
    • Breaking away from work that is dependent on individual skills
  • Points for successful sales DX
    • start working on site
  • Sales DX introduction method & example
    • digital marketing
    • MA tools
    • [Jinki order worth 120 million yen] Kanto Factory
    • online business negotiations
  • Let’s achieve lean sales with Sales DX!

What is Sales DX

DX means that companies utilize data and digital technology while responding to drastic changes in the business environment to change services and business models based on the needs of society and customers.

Along with this, it also means reforming the organization, business processes, corporate culture and climate, and establishing a competitive advantage.

In the near future, digitization will bring drastic changes to the industrial structure.

For this reason, DX is also a management issue of “surviving organizational reforms for a new society where all things are connected via the Internet” and “surviving competition by creating new products and services that win the support of customers.”

Based on the above, sales DX utilizes various data such as customer information in order to create a management impact, moving from sales that depend on the ability and physical strength of sales representatives to efficient sales through the power of digital technology. It is an effort to raise the performance to the bottom.

(Digital in DX mainly refers to advanced technologies such as cloud, IoT , AI, 5G, and big data analysis)

Recent trends in sales DX

Advantages in sales using data

As I mentioned earlier, in the near future digitalization will bring about major changes in the industrial structure.

When this happens, we will be able to make more optimal proposals to customers by actually utilizing digital technology to flexibly respond to changes in society, as well as by utilizing human resources and data in our sales activities. The sales department has a high chance of surviving the transformation period that may come in the future.

Easy-to-use sales tools

In the past, IT tools for sales such as CRM and SFA were said to be expensive and the threshold for introducing many IT tools for sales was high.

However, recently, low-cost, high-performance IT services that are easy to introduce have become widespread, and many companies have easily introduced them, streamlining sales operations and making it easier to increase productivity.

Effects of sales DX

Improved productivity and efficiency

Sales DX can improve the efficiency of sales operations. This is because customer data can be used to identify potential customers in a shorter time than ever before.

For example, we use MA (marketing automation) tools to identify potential customers and conduct inside sales to increase customer interest.

If you conduct face-to-face sales immediately after that, you can expect a significant improvement in the order rate compared to when MA is not used.
It is less wasteful than face-to-face sales to customers without identifying potential customers.

(Inside sales is to sell to customers without leaving the company. It is also called non-face-to-face sales, but specifically, we approach prospective customers from within the company through phone calls, emails, websites, document requests, etc. .)

By using data through sales DX in this way, you can achieve even more effective inside sales.

Breaking away from work that is dependent on individual skills

If you can DX your sales, you can get out of the sales work that has been based on people and individualized.

This is because if customer information is converted into data through DX, it will be possible for a substitute person to conduct sales without being the person in charge.

One of the reasons why sales operations are becoming dependent on individual skills is that “only the person in charge knows information about customers and projects.”

If customer information cannot be shared within the department, problems will arise, such as the fact that if something happens to the person in charge, another person will not be able to take the place of the person in charge.

If customer information can be digitized by sales DX, other people can check the customer information and respond on behalf of the person in charge even if the person in charge suddenly takes a leave of absence

Points for successful sales DX

start working on site

When incorporating DX into sales, start working on the site.

This is because the results will be reflected more quickly if the DX conversion is started from the site rather than starting from the manager.

There are two reasons why DX in a large organization does not go well: “not involving the field” and “the scope of the goal is too large”.

In order to utilize and expand the introduction, it is important to “divide the steps towards a big goal”.

By accumulating small successful experiences in subdivided steps, not only the site but also the entire organization will find the value of DX conversion and greatly expand the possibility of expansion.

If you want to realize DX conversion of the entire organization, start with the site where the impact of the introduction is easy to understand, accumulate small successes and expand to the entire organization.

Sales DX introduction method & example

digital marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing method that uses digital technology such as the Internet and IT technology to advertise services and products.

In addition to advertising and PR through omni-channel, we also accumulate and analyze consumer behavioral information as data.

By utilizing data, which can be said to be a feature of DX, it is possible to grasp with a higher degree of accuracy the customer’s purchasing motivation and interests that could not be seen with conventional analog marketing.

MA tools

MA (Marketing Automation) tools are tools that automate marketing operations.

If you use the MA tool, you can centrally manage the information of the acquired prospective customers, so you can realize an easy and appropriate approach corresponding to the attributes of the prospective customers.

[Jinki order worth 120 million yen] Kanto Factory

Kanto Seisakusho Co., Ltd., which designs and manufactures molds for plastic products and mold processing machines, received a new order of 120 million yen using digital marketing.

The company, which has been based on build-to-order manufacturing, has faced the issue of unstable performance because its performance is greatly influenced by the business of its business partners.

Digital marketing was introduced in order to obtain stable order production.

We have promoted efforts to increase the interest of prospective customers by strengthening inside sales, such as creating prospective customer lists, and have succeeded in developing 30 new companies in two years.

online business negotiations

Online business negotiations are famous for sales DX. Online business negotiations are the style of conducting business negotiations online.

Communication can be difficult because you can’t talk face-to-face over the phone.

On the other hand, with video chat, you can talk while looking at the other person’s face, so you can communicate as if you were face-to-face.

Let’s achieve lean sales with Sales DX!

This time, I introduced the DX conversion of sales.

Let’s convert sales to DX and build a more efficient sales organization.



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