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How to make a Boat racing AI? Introducing 2022 AI prediction sites and software!

Boat racing AI

In a Boat racing AI, everyone wants to win. For that reason, there are many people who make their own predictions about the ranking.

Prediction by AI is used in various places, but what is the mechanism of AI that predicts boat racing?

In this article, we will introduce how to make a boat racing AI, as well as software and websites that can predict boat racing. If you want to create a winning boat racing AI, or are looking for an AI that can predict boat racing rankings, please refer to this article.

Table of contents

  • Is it possible to create a boat racing AI?
  • How to make a boat racing AI
    • Environment
    • Data gathering
    • Data preprocessing
    • Model making
    • Practice
  • 3 Recommended Boat Racing Prediction Software
    • ①Boat Advisor
    • ② Boat racing analysis
    • ③BOAT RACE prediction support software
  • 5 Recommended boat racing AI prediction sites
    • ①Poseidon
    • ② Mizuhanome
    • ③ Boat Lab
    • ④ Umekichi AI
    • ⑤Makoto’s AI Boat Race Prediction
  • In conclusion

Is it possible to create a boat racing AI?

Boat racing AI can be made.

AI predictions are becoming more advanced than humans, as AI can sometimes beat professional shogi players. In boat racing, AI analyzes data such as racers’ winning percentages and average lap times.

So, what kind of mechanism is the boat racing AI made?

How to make a boat racing AI 

There are five steps in creating a boat racing AI.

  1. Environment
  2. Data gathering
  3. Data preprocessing
  4. Model making
  5. Practice

We will explain each below.


First of all, we will make it possible to program on the computer.

The editor (software for writing code) is basically what you are used to. For beginners, we recommend using the Colaboratory environment provided by Google for machine learning, which is easy and free.

The programming language uses Python3. Libraries use scikit-learn , BeautifulSoup.

Data gathering

Once the environment is built, the next step is to enable AI to collect data for machine learning.

Past race results are necessary to make predictions in boat racing.

Specifically, the following items are acquired.

As runner information

  • classification
  • National win rate
  • Local win rate
  • 2nd, 3rd match rate

as race information

  • exhibition time
  • race results

We will scrape from the site where these information can be obtained. Scraping is the process of collecting and processing data.

The actual steps in order are as follows:

  • Introduction of library
  • get web page
  • web page analysis
  • csv output

csv means “Comma Separated Value”. It is highly compatible and can be viewed and edited not only with Excel, but also with almost all software such as notepad, email, and databases.

Data preprocessing

It is necessary to deform the acquired data in order to analyze it with AI.

People can receive degrees from the nuances of their way of speaking, but AI cannot understand degrees unless they are numerical values.

Specifically, we will do the following:

  • Numericalization of racer classes (S rank, A1 class, etc.)
  • Numericalization of character string data at the time of reading csv
  • Removal of unwanted columns
  • Create target variable

Model making

An AI model is one way to do data analysis. After processing the data, let’s select the AI ​​model.

This time, we will use the all_estimators method that returns the model defined by scikit-learn to select the model with the highest triplet prediction accuracy.


Gambling such as horse racing and boat racing has very complicated variables, and it is difficult to predict the original success rate. After creating the boat racing AI, let’s actually use it.

It is necessary to check whether it is output properly and whether it is learned. If it can be made well, AI can make predictions without being swayed by people’s expectations, so it can be used in races.

3 Recommended Boat Racing Prediction Software

Here, we will introduce three software that can predict boat racing.

  1. Boat Advisor
  2. boat racing analysis
  3. BOAT RACE prediction support software

We will introduce each feature below.

①Boat Advisor

price 6 months course: 6,200 yen3 months course: 3,100 yen
test period 15th day

Speaking of boat racing prediction software, this is “Boat Advisor”. It is used by boat racing fans and boat racing players, and has everything you need for a boat racing prediction software.

Its strength is that it has a huge database unlike other software.

The results of races held at boat racecourses across the country are accumulated, and the latest information can be viewed. The more data there is, the more complex the analysis by AI, and the higher the accuracy of boat racing predictions.

In addition, it is also possible to predict the hit rate and recovery rate with AI by incorporating predictions by users. There is a trial period, so you can easily get started.

② Boat racing analysis

price 5,390 yen
test period 30 days

A characteristic of boat racing analysis is that the recovery rate is the most important factor.

Even if you can hit the mark, the payout will vary greatly depending on the odds of the boat race at that time and the amount you bet.

Therefore, even if the hit rate is good, the recovery rate may be negative, so you can see that the recovery rate is more important than the hit rate in winning a boat race.

And another feature is that it automatically finds you to buy.

It not only analyzes the recovery rate, but also automatically finds the combination of bargain boat ticket numbers. It’s also good to buy a boat ticket as you buy it, so it’s very reassuring for beginners.

③BOAT RACE prediction support software

price 3,520 yen
test period none

BOAT RACE prediction support software aims to support boat ticket operations, and is a prediction support site for the official website.

The screen structure is similar to that of a race table that is easy for boat racing fans to see, and it is easy to use even for computer beginners. It corresponds to 24 boat race courses nationwide, and has a rich amount of data including fan notebook data.

In addition, it is also possible to reflect the user’s expectations and download program files. You can start at a low price and use it all the time, so it’s full of benefits.

5 Recommended boat racing AI prediction sites

Here are five sites where you can predict boat races.

  1. Poseidon
  2. Mizuhanome
  3. Boat lab
  4. Umekichi AI
  5. Makoto’s AI Boat Race Prediction

We will introduce each feature below.


Poseidon publishes a buying forecast and its own index “Kaijin Index” based on the data of more than 1 million races in the past.

The Kaijin index is an index that changes depending on the magnification and takes into account the recovery rate. The prediction that the buying eye will hit is just a hit rate and does not consider the recovery rate.

In fact, when predicting 132 races, the accuracy rate is 23% and the recovery rate is 103%, which is a plus.

General boat racing prediction sites require free registration, but Poseidon allows you to check all boat racing venues that are held on the day just by accessing the site.

Those who want to hit the boat ticket should check the forecast of the buyer, and those who want to consider the recovery rate should refer to the Kaijin index.

② Mizuhanome


Like Poseidon, Mizuhanome also makes AI predictions based on over 1 million races in the past.

In addition to AI predictions, you can see the magnification and the probability of buying the previous day as a percentage for free. In fact, the high-probability 2-series by AI prediction can be hit with a probability of 22.251%.

Free registration with an email address is required, but you can view the rankings of recovery rate, hit rate, and best-sellers, as well as see other people’s predictions.

In addition, you can chat while watching live video. It is also recommended for those who want to have fun with other users in real time.

③ Boat Lab

Boat Lab can predict the order of finish for each frame number and double predictions based on data from over 500,000 races.

In fact, the win rate in 120 races was 65.5%, and the recovery rate was 100.2%.

You can browse without registering for free.

The blog is also updated, so it is a must-see for those who want to learn more about boat racing.

It is an AI prediction site for predicting wins that you often hit, and an AI boat racing prediction site that is especially recommended for those who want to carefully select races that are easy to run away from in and get rough.

④ Umekichi AI

Based on past boat race data, Umekichi AI updates boat race predictions and its own ability index for each player on a daily basis.

The odds for doubles, triples, doubles, and triples start about 15 minutes before the start.

The odds for single and double wins are displayed on the boat ticket a few minutes before the start, so it is recommended for those who want to check the latest odds.

Odds are not finalized until the boat ticket purchase deadline, so being able to see the latest information may be a big advantage.

Another advantage is that you can check the weather and wind speed at each racetrack.

⑤Makoto’s AI Boat Race Prediction

Makoto no AI Boat Racing Tips is an AI prediction site based on over 840,000 races in the past.

And you can see AI predictions for doubles, triples, doubles, and triples just by accessing the site without free registration.

How to use it, you can see the top 5 buys with the highest hit rate of buys, so you can choose among them.

In fact, we have a track record of hitting 10 out of 12 races. There are only a few sites that operate AI boat racing prediction sites individually, and recommended races are updated every day, so you can enjoy boat racing at any time.

In conclusion

In this article, I introduced the process of creating a boat racing AI, as well as software and sites that allow AI boat racing predictions.

Boat racing AI can be used by boat racing fans in conjunction with their own predictions, and beginners can also have the AI ​​predict their purchases. It may become an essential part of racing.

For those who have been racing boats for many years but have never used AI, and those who are about to start boat racing, there are some that can be started for free, so please try using boat racing AI!



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