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How to make delicious coffee in a coffee maker? Introducing how to use and care

Many people said, “I like coffee and drink it every day,” and “I have more work at home, so I want to be able to drink good coffee at home.” If you want to drink authentic coffee while staying at home, we recommend a coffee maker. In this article, we will also introduce delicious brewing methods using a coffee maker and recommended models.

Features of drip coffee maker

When you use a coffee maker for the first time, you may think that the coffee maker is difficult, but it is easy to operate. Coffee makers are divided into several types, and how to use them varies depending on the type, so we will introduce how to use them based on the characteristics of each type. The drip type uses ground coffee powder, so be careful when preparing.

How to use a drip coffee maker

Here, we will introduce how to use the drip coffee maker. You can easily make delicious coffee just by learning how to use 3 steps.

① Opening-Washing-Paper set

If you buy a coffee maker, you may be happy and want to make coffee right away, but first, wash it with water several times to clean it. Next, fold the seam of the paper filter that holds the coffee powder. For conical filters, fold the side seams, and for trapezoidal filters, fold the bottom and side seams alternately. After breaking the seam, set the paper filter on the dripper. At this time, the point is to firmly adhere the filter and dripper without creating a gap.

② How much coffee powder is there?

There is a preference for the strength of coffee, but the ideal way to make it is 10-12g of coffee powder per cup of coffee (about 140cc). Based on this amount, adjust it according to your taste, such as dark or light, or change the amount depending on the type of beans. It should be noted here that the attached measuring spoon has a different capacity depending on the manufacturer. Before brewing coffee, you can prevent mistakes in the amount by checking how many grams of a measuring spoon you use.

③ Add water and switch on

Pour water into the coffee maker according to the amount of coffee powder, and set the coffee dripper and coffee server in the specified positions. Make sure that the top lid is closed and turn on the power switch. This will automatically extract the coffee. Wait for the coffee to be ready while enjoying the aroma and sound of the coffee being extracted. When it was done, I poured it into a coffee cup and made coffee easily.

Features of coffee maker with mill

The coffee maker with a mill (fully automatic coffee maker) has the function of a mill that grinds coffee beans, and you can perform everything from bean grinding to extraction with the touch of a button. Coffee beans start to oxidize as soon as they are ground, so a fully automatic coffee maker that can always grind as many coffee beans as you want is recommended for those who want to enjoy the freshly ground aroma and richness.

How to use a coffee maker with a mill

A coffee maker with a mill function to grind coffee beans can also be used in 3 easy steps. Then, I will explain how to use it.

① Bean set

Weighing coffee beans also depends on whether it is an automatic weighing type or a type that uses up as much as you put in, so check which type you have and add the required amount. For coffee makers that can be made from unground coffee beans or after-ground coffee powder, you need to choose between beans or flour.

② Grind coffee powder

In the case of a coffee maker that can adjust how to grind coffee beans, the feature is that you can select “medium grind” or “fine grind” according to your preference. If the conditions such as the amount of water and the number of beans are the same, the finer the coffee beans are ground, the stronger the bitterness will be, and the coarser the coffee beans will be, the lighter the acidity will be. You can change the settings at any time, so you can find your favorite way to grind at home.

③ Add water and brew coffee

After grinding the coffee grounds, add the appropriate amount of water to the coffee maker for the number of coffee beans. You can easily make coffee just by checking that the top lid of the coffee maker is closed and turning on the power button.

Features of capsule coffee maker

A feature of capsule coffee makers is that they can be made by extracting capsules filled with a cup of coffee beans or instant coffee with a dedicated machine. You can choose your favorite taste such as espresso and latte one by one, which is the charm of the capsule type. Freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee beans are sealed in capsules, so you can enjoy the fresh taste at any time.

How to use a capsule coffee maker

We have introduced a drip-type coffee maker with a mill, but the capsule type is the easiest to operate, so it is also recommended for beginners. Then, I will introduce how to use the capsule, coffee maker.

Easy to use Just set water and capsules

First, fill the specified tank with the required amount of water, set the coffee cup in the extraction port, check the orientation of the coffee capsule you like, and set it in the main body. Adjust the amount of hot water specified by the selected taste, select the coffee mode and press the start button to finish the operation. It takes about 60 seconds to complete, so you can enjoy delicious coffee smoothly and easily just by waiting. There is also a coffee maker with space for storing empty capsules.

How to care for your coffee maker

Keeping your coffee maker clean is important for making good coffee. Since coffee makers use water, daily maintenance is important to prevent water stains (solidified “calcium” and “minerals” contained in the water) that appear in kitchen sinks and bathrooms. Leaving the scale as it is can cause the coffee maker to become clogged and lose its flavor. Therefore, I will introduce a simple maintenance method that can be done after using it. First, remove the removable parts and wash with water without using detergent. Particular care should be taken to clean the areas where coffee beans come into contact, pots, and water tanks. Carefully wash and wipe with water, drain thoroughly, and then return to the original state. Since the coffee maker itself is an electronic device, wipe it off and clean it, being careful not to get it wet.

Points to make deliciously with a coffee maker

When used correctly, coffee makers can enjoy coffee at home as delicious as in a cafe. The operation method is different depending on the type, but here are some points to make coffee delicious.

Use fresh coffee beans

Commitment to coffee beans is essential for making delicious coffee. Coffee beans gradually oxidize, so it is important to use up the ground beans in a week or two. Record the date of the opening so that it can be used up without waste. When coffee is extracted using oxidized coffee beans, the unpleasant bitterness produced by the miscellaneous taste is produced. The powdered beans after grinding will oxidize even faster, so it is recommended to purchase them in the form of beans as much as possible. The rule of thumb for storing coffee beans is to store them in a closed container that does not allow oxygen to pass through.

Weigh the amount correctly

Even if you use different coffee makers, it is important to accurately measure the number of coffee beans and water. No matter which amount you use, you won’t be able to make good coffee, so be sure to weigh and extract it correctly. If you want to drink rich coffee, it is recommended to choose deep coffee beans instead of increasing the amount. To make your own coffee, try different types of coffee beans and how to grind them, as well as the amount, and you may come across your favorite taste.

Keep the cup warm

One of the things you often forget when brewing good coffee is keeping the cup warm. You can slow down the temperature of the coffee by putting it in a stainless steel cup that has a heat insulating function or in a coffee cup that has been warmed by putting it in hot water. It is said that the temperature of delicious coffee is about 65 to 85 degrees Celsius, so pour it into the cup that was kept warm instead of the cup that was stored at room temperature.

Clean the used equipment

It is important to handle the coffee maker after making it, not to mention before extracting the coffee. By washing it thoroughly after use, you can remove the oil and bean residue from the coffee beans, and you can extract it with a clean and clean taste next time. Not only is it hygienic, but in the long run, it is an important task for making good coffee.

This is recommended for those who will buy a coffee maker from now on

We have introduced various types of coffee makers, but you may be wondering which coffee maker suits you. We would like to introduce a model that we would like to recommend to those who are worried about whether it is a fully automatic type or a drip type.

Smart fully automatic coffee maker

The coffee maker that has been attracting attention recently is the “smart fully automatic coffee maker” equipped with the latest technology. This can be linked with the smartphone app, and you can set the timer according to the time you want to drink, such as immediately after waking up in the morning or during a break from work. With fully automatic brewing of freshly ground coffee from coffee beans, you can feel the pleasant aroma of coffee. By linking with a smart speaker, you can operate it with just your voice, and by linking with a smartphone app, you can easily operate the coffee maker. Because of this function, even those who say “I want to drink coffee when I wake up in the morning, but it is troublesome to get out of the futon and make coffee” can operate the coffee maker in the futon and head to the living room when coffee is made. It is now possible. The feature is that it can be automatically adjusted according to your preference, and you can set 6 levels of medium grinding according to the number of cups. By using a stainless steel filter, the oil content of coffee beans can be extracted, and it is also attractive that you can enjoy a rich taste.

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We have introduced the usage and features of coffee makers by type. If you like coffee, you should be particular about purchasing a coffee maker that you use every day. “Smart fully automatic coffee maker” not only makes it easy to brew delicious coffee at home but it can also be operated more easily by linking it with a smartphone app or smart speaker. The online shopping site “+ Style”, where you can purchase cutting-edge IoT products, handles smart fully automatic coffee makers that are easy to handle even for beginners. If you want to easily make delicious coffee using a coffee maker, please refer to it.



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