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How to start a smart home. Security measures using Qrio Lock, more peace of mind with + Style home appliances!

When I wake up in the morning, the air conditioner turns on automatically, the curtains open automatically, and warm coffee is brewed. Now, anyone can easily realize such a “smart home”.

By using “smart home appliances” developed by Plus Style, you can gradually evolve into a smart home while keeping your “usual home”. You don’t have to buy expensive home appliances that cost hundreds of thousands of yen, and you don’t have to do major construction work.

For example, if you install “rQio Lock” on the thumb turn part of the front door key, the front door will be auto-locked and you can unlock it from your smartphone.

Let’s challenge to make the entrance smart home by using Qrio Lock

Qrio Lock is a standard smart lock product that can be fixed to the thumb turn part of the front door key. In addition to controlling the opening and closing of the key from the dedicated app, you can also control the auto lock.

Qrio Lock is a smart lock that is fixed to the thumb turn part of the front door key. A mechanism to use by fixing with strong double-sided tape. Depending on the shape of the door, it may not be available, so check the dimensions in advance.

Select and use 3 levels of attachments for each thumb turn thickness

Also, if you use “Qrio Hub”, you can connect to Qrio Lock via Wi-Fi and check the open / closed status of the key from outside.

With Qrio Hub, control via Wi-Fi is also possible

You can control the opening and closing of Qrio Lock from the “Qrio Lock” app. Basically, by tapping the button displayed on the app, the thumb turn can rotate to the set angle and open and close can be controlled.

When you tap the button of the Qrio Lock app, the thumb turn part will rotate at the angle set in advance as the open position and closed position.

Let’s further enhance “home security” with plus-style smart home appliances

With plus-style smart appliances, it is possible to increase security in areas other than the entrance. For example, you can use home cameras and security cameras for watching that can project images in real time from the app, and sensor devices that can detect the movement of people and animals. There is also a leak sensor that detects leaks and inundation in the unlikely event.

+ Style Security Camera (Left) and + Style Home Camera (Right)

In addition, these products are also convenient for highly controlling multiple home appliances by using the reaction of the sensor as a trigger. For example, if you install a door window sensor and customize it to link smart multi-remote control from “Smart Mode” of the “Plus Style” app, you can turn on the TV or air conditioner by triggering the reaction of the sensor. I will.

Smart multi remote control

In this way, if you have smart home appliances, you can of course make the front door smarter. Various applications are possible depending on the device, such as turning on the TV and air conditioner automatically when you wake up in the morning and opening the door, and turning on the indirect lighting when a person moves at night. Why don’t you upgrade your current home a little this year with convenient smart appliances?

How to start a smart home is Iloilo

In addition to smart multi-remote controllers, there are various smart home appliances and devices such as smart lighting, smart curtains, and coffee makers. Please try the smart home that you can start today, not the future in a few years, by referring to the following article ♪

How to start a smart home. Let’s make TV and air conditioner smart with smart multi-remote control!
How to start a smart home. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee with the smart fully automatic coffee maker!
How to start a smart home. Let’s automate the opening and closing of curtains every morning and night with smart curtains!
How to start a smart home. Security measures using Qrio Lock, more peace of mind with + Style home appliances!



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