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How to start a smart home. Smart curtains are a security measure while you are away

When I wake up in the morning, the air conditioner turns on automatically and the curtain opens automatically. And when you go to bed, the indirect lighting in the bedroom is automatically turned on. Such a longing “smart home” can be realized more easily than expected.

If you use a plus-style “smart home appliance”, you can gradually make it a smart home while keeping your “usual home”. You don’t have to buy expensive home appliances that cost hundreds of thousands of yen, and you don’t have to do major construction work. Use of apps and services is also free.

In addition to being able to operate the remote control from the app, smart home appliances can also be customized to automatically control the time, etc. as a trigger. For example, if you set the curtains to close automatically in the evening and the lights to turn on, you will not be aware of your absence when you go out, which is also useful from a security point of view.

Recommended recipes using smart curtains

Smart curtains are smart home appliances that can be attached to curtain rails to automate the opening and closing of curtains. Since multiple types of parts used for mounting are included, in most cases it can be used regardless of the shape of the curtain rod.

Curtain unit (two on the left) and Wi-Fi connection unit (far right). At the regular price, one curtain unit is 10,800 yen, and a set of one curtain unit and one Wi-Fi connection unit is 13,800 yen.

The true identity of the “smart curtain” is actually two devices. One is the “curtain unit,” which is a device that is fixed to a curtain rod and actually opens and closes the curtain. It is driven by the dry cell set in the main body, turns the tires, and moves along the rails. This is the mechanism that physically pulls the curtain.

If you want to use the curtain unit alone, register the curtain unit directly in the smartphone app and connect the smartphone and device via Bluetooth. Another device is the “Wi-Fi connection unit”. This has the role of relaying both in case the smartphone and curtain unit cannot be connected via Bluetooth connection, such as when going out.

If you want to operate the smart curtain even when you are out, first register the Wi-Fi connection unit in the smartphone app, and then connect the curtain unit to the Wi-Fi connection unit. Now, the smartphone and the Wi-Fi connection unit will be connected via Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi connection unit and the curtain unit will be connected via Bluetooth.

Smart curtain automation settings are recommended to be combined with lighting on / off

The smart curtain can be operated manually from the “+ Style” app, and can also be automatically controlled based on the settings. You can control multiple devices at the same time, or operate them from the voice assistant of your smart speaker or smartphone.

By the way, when you open the curtain with the curtain unit attached, you can start automatic opening and closing by pushing the device part with your hand. Keep in mind that you don’t have to operate the app every time you want to open the window with ventilation.

As a candidate for cooperation with smart curtains, it is recommended to combine it with lighting equipment such as smart LED bulbs and ceiling lights. You can automate the work of closing the curtains and turning on the lights at sunset. It is also possible to control the living room lighting while automatically opening the curtain according to the wake-up time.

Energy efficiency home control system. Application displaying house plan, indoor temperature and other settings

As a new challenge for spring, why not try automating a single window and then try a smart home? If you like the ease of use, you can purchase additional curtain units and increase the number of smart windows.



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